1987 Porsche 3.2 G50 Carrera Targa-Carmine Red over Black leather sport seats, LSD, 7&8 Fuchs, 100% original and world class, 21k original miles!-$149,995


Museum Quality 1987 911 3.2 Carrera G50 Targa with only 21kk Original Miles!!!


I often get asked if I ever tire of Porsche’s, the answer is yes…. I get tired of edgy, tired Porsche’s but I NEVER get the least bit tired of a car like this… Literally interacting with a car of this caliber still raises my pulse, causes me to consider how I might squeeze just one more car into my garage and ponder all the small details that separate excellent from exceptional. This IS exceptional….

Ok, lets review the quick punch list of what makes a top tier collectible:

  • Originality- this car is 100% original in every respect, not a single deviation from original!
  • Mileage- just 21,024 original miles!
  • Color- Finished is a VERY seldom seen shade of Carmine Red which was only available in 1987-1988 and later introduced again in the 991 era. I have to admit it challenged my photography skills (or lack thereof!) as if you aren’t careful it can come across as Guards Red. In real life think of this color as Campbell’s Soup Red, a soft, rich darker red whereas Guards Red is much brighter with more orange tones. Subtle but oh so good….
  • Options- Unlike today, the option list in this era was short however there are some desirable options and this car has all of them: Sport Seats, Limited Slip Differential and 15”x7” & 15”x8” Fuchs in addition to some other options.
  • Paint- 100% original as verified by a paint meter and 100% original panels as verified by the VIN tags.
  • Matching Numbers- Yes!
  • Accessories- The car is complete with EVERYTING these were delivered with new right down to the delivery dealer plate frame! All books and manuals (VIN matched), copy of the window sticker, show quality tool kit, air-pump, etc. etc.
  • Quality- this car just OOZES quality. Literally every surface is as you expect, it’s as if you have been transported back to 1987…. I couldn’t resist and even had the chassis dry ice blasted. Eat off any surface!
  • Mechanical- the car is without reproach, current on all services, everything works as designed and no leaks, no stories, no excuses. It has never been rebuilt or apart. There are no modifications from factory. The car starts up perfectly from cold, does not smoke, pulls strongly to redline in each gear, does not make any untoward sounds, etc. The G-50 transmission shifts perfectly it tracks straight and true, no vibrations, strange noises, etc. It truly is an unbelievable example.

It has to be one of the finest 3.2 Carrera’s in existence. Yes you could certainly find a cheaper one, but you could NEVER recreate this car for the difference in money.

I could go on and on, but the true car purists know what I am talking about and understand you can NEVER make an edgy car a pure and perfect example.

Remember a car is only new once and the collector cars that always bring the top $$ are pristine original examples, not the over-restored examples. Try and duplicate this and you simply cant!


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