1988 Porsche 3.2 Carrera Targa-Grand Prix White on Navy, all original and fully documented, just an amazing jump in and drive car, 89k miles

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As a child I am sure most of us read “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”. In this story a very tired Goldilocks finds herself in the vacant home of the 3 bears and tries out each of the beds, pronouncing one too big, one too small and one JUST right….

In the Porsche world, I would label this car “just right”… What do I mean by that? On SO many levels, this car offers the ultimate air-cooled 911 experience, here is why:

  • The 3.2 Carrera is a sweet spot of the fully developed, yet VERY simple. Robust, reliable, relevant and pure.
  • The G50 transmission is highly regarded and most new entrants to the air-cooled scene find the shift effort and precision to be an easier transition coming from more modern cars vs. the 915 era cars.
  • Targa- I LOVE the aesthetics of the G-body era Targa, especially light colors offset with the Black Targa bar and trim and top off these are amazing!
  • Quality- This car is just so honest, loved and GOOD! Nice enough to be proudly displayed at any event, but not so precious that using it as intended would cause consternation!
  • Mileage- The car is just has just under 89k miles, so the perfect spot of having seen enough use to not suffer from years spent idle, yet low enough to still feel “tight” like a good one should!

This Targa just arrived and sailed thru my inspection process, a few notable items:

  • Clean Title and Carfax, all original panels as verified by matching VIN tags.
  • Matching numbers engine and transmission
  • All original paint
  • Current on all service
  • Runs and drives exactly like a good one should!
  • A thick service folder covering close to the last 25 years.
  • Complete with all books, manuals, tool kit, air pump, jack, etc.
  • Air conditioning system has been updated and works really well! Hard to find on one of these!
  • One really fun update this car has is the fuse panel has been updated to use the newer style “blade” fuses, this is the first one of these that I have seen and I am VERY impressed! The original fuses and panel on these cars as they age have a tendency to create some errant electrical issues, such a great update!

If you are still in the research mode on these cars, I of course am biased but would suggest you watch the 3.2 Carrera video I created, it walks you thru the various years, known issues and what to look for. Even better you will see this ACTUAL car in the video….. https://youtu.be/wnrFolQLR4k

Or if you want a really DEEP DIVE, here is my full 3.2 Carrera inspection video: https://youtu.be/isCMSo-PHYk?si=ErA8hNXzN5xEdCuU

The market for these car is insane right now, If you have an interest, reach out sooner than later and I don’t think it will last. Again it is ‘just right”….