1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet

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Museum Quality 1989 911 Carrera Cabriolet with only 29k Original Miles!!!

This is the no stories, no excuses 89 3.2 Carrera you have been looking for. Here are the particulars:

This car was sold new at Michael Porsche in Fresno, CA on June 23rd 1989. Prior to my placing the car in inventory it had never left Fresno, CA. Everyone considers a “California” Porsche to be the ultimate due to California’s dry and Sunny climate. But even within California there are microclimates, which are more or less ideal than others. Would you want a car that sat across from the Pacific Ocean with the top down all down in Newport Beach?? The beautiful thing about Fresno is that it enjoys the warm and dry southern California climate, yet no exposure to the salty air near the coast nor the heavy traffic and poor roads which spell potential for trading paint and rock chips. Why is this important? Simply because the most valuable of air-cooled Porsche’s now and into the future are original cars. This car is 100% original and preserved almost without flaw. Try and duplicate this and you simply cant!

The car has had 3 owners from new, with the most recent owner having the car for 13 years. The most recent owner is a 40+-year PCA member and several time past President of his region, so he knows Porsche and knows how to care for them. This cars next owner needs to be of the caliber to really care for this car as it deserves, is that you?

For those of you that are very familiar with these cars this may be a review, but for anyone who is shopping for an air-cooled Porsche this might be useful. The air-cooled 911’s were produced from 1965-1998 and they are exceptional cars. With that being said there are generally certain models and years that are considered to be the most desirable. Many people feel that the 1984-1989 3.2 Carrera’s represent the best of the breed. They still maintain the simplicity of the early cars, have enough power to satisfy modern drivers, are mechanically robust and maintain a classic 911 aesthetic. The next generation of cars the 964 is much more complex featuring for the first time power steering, air bags, ABS, etc. Of the 84-89 Carrera’s the 87-89’s are the most desirable, featuring the updated G-50 transmission, which shifts much more precisely that the previous 915 did. The 1989 is considered the best of those since it is the last year of production, contained a higher level of standard equipment, and featured the gorgeous and hard to find 8” rear wheels. Long term the 89 Carrera’s should be a solid, appreciating investment and will maintain their icon status for years to come.

Exterior: Overall 9.9/10

Paint- Baltic Blue: The paint on this car is simply amazing, for those of you who have not experienced the quality of paint that Porsche applied to these cars, be prepared to be amazed. Of course 24 years later, the owner’s level of care is VERY important. This car has never been outside or damaged in any way. When traveling the owner always fitted a front end cover and mirror covers, immediately removing them when not driving.  As a result there are literally no flaws to note.  I have determined that the car to be wearing all original paint as verified with a paint meter, with exception of one area on the drivers side quarter. I think it was a QA repair done at the factory as it reads ever so slightly high in just one area and is imperceptible. You could NEVER recreate this paint quality even with an open checkbook restoration.

Body- The body on this car has to be seen to be believed, I could not even find a single door ding! VIN tags match on every panel: hood, both doors, both fenders and rear decklid.  Of course no accidents or damage of any kind.

Body Parts- The glass is in perfect shape, still bearing all the original stickers! The windshield is original with no damage. All of the body rubber is soft and beautiful. The trim is perfect on every surface.

Wheels- The car is sitting on its genuine original set of 16×6 and 16×8 Fuchs Wheels which were exclusively fitted to 1989 Model 911’s. Previous years made due with 7” rear wheels. The wheels maintain the correct anodized finish and satin black centers, my pet peeve is when the finish on these wheels isn’t correct, and these are perfect. Tires were new in May of 2011 when the car had 26,582 miles.


Overall the interior I would categorize as a 9.8/10. This car has never been smoked in, had kids or pets in it, nor even been ate in! I would challenge the pickiest person to scrutinize the interior and prove me wrong!

Seats:  The leather is very well preserved. There is not a single rip, tear, burn, fade, stain, etc to be found on any leather surface.

Carpet: The carpet is also darn close to perfect, you will find no stains, wear marks, fading, etc. on any carpet in the car. The car has always had mats, over the carpet. Quality Lloyds Mats front, rear and rear shelf have been protecting the carpets since new.

Dash: The dash pad is PERFECT. No fades, cracks etc.

Door panels: They are all in excellent shape, no wear or sagging.

Convertible Top- The top is original and pristine; the rear window is crystal clear. The headliner has two small wear spots on the inside lining at the pinch points.


Electronics and gauges: EVERYTHING on this car works. Including all gauges, windows, climate control, door locks, lights, dash lights, etc. The air-conditioning blows cold, as tested in our 100-degree summer temperatures. It has a correct Blaupunkt Reno in the dash.

Trunk and accessories: The trunk carpet is in like new condition, the spare and all tools are present even in the original Porsche plastic bag! Everything is ready for the Porsche Parade, just exactly the way it was when it left Germany!

Documentation: I have the all the original books and manuals, original keys, the original window sticker, all the original tools, etc. NOTHING is missing!


This car is mechanically original, engine and transmission numbers match. It has never been rebuilt or apart. There are no modifications from factory. The car starts up perfectly from cold, does not smoke, pulls strongly to redline in each gear, does not make any untoward sounds, etc. The G-50 transmission shifts perfectly it tracks straight and true, no vibrations, strange noises, etc. It truly is an unbelievable example.

I personally picked this car up in Fresno and spent a week driving up the California coast with my wife, a nice perk to the job! I can attest that having driven it 1600 miles on some of the finest sports cars roads in the country, this is an amazing machine!

To be a top tier collectible the car has to be 100% complete, that IS this car. Here is what the car will come with:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Complete Service history from day 1 to current
  • Original owners manual, VIN matched service booklet, original Blaupunkt manual all in the correct OEM Burgundy case
  • 2 original keys, 1 valet key, 2 wheels lock keys
  • Concours ready 100% pristine OEM tool kit
  • Factory tire inflator, jack, drop cloth and yellow gloves
  • Original OEM tonneau cover and vinyl storage bag
  • OEM fitted car cover
  • Fitted vinyl front end and mirrors covers
  • Original Baltic Blue touch-up paint

One final rant and rave about some people’s idea of “Mint condition”. To me mint condition means as absolutely close to how the car was the day it rolled off the showroom floor. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen or looked at “perfect” cars that simply weren’t; they are what I might describe as very nice or in great shape. In my mind what separates out the good from the great? It’s all in the details. As an example, take the interior of this car. If you look at all the switchgear and buttons, you won’t find a single one where the labels are worn off from use. You won’t find a single threshold cover that is scratched, stained, etc. The leather on the steering wheel cover is soft, in its correct color of marine blue, with no scratches from rings and a nervous driver. All the pieces fit perfectly with no missing screws, or plastic covers.  The cracks and crevices are as clean and everywhere else; the leather is a consistent color, no faded on the tops of the seatbacks. I could go on and on, but the true car purists know what I am talking about and understand you can NEVER make an edgy car a pure and perfect example.

I have tried to describe this car as completely as I possible can. It has to be one of the finest 3.2 Carrera’s in existence. Yes you could certainly find a cheaper one, but you could NEVER recreate this car for the difference in money. Remember a car is only new once and the collector cars that always bring the top $$ are pristine original examples, not the over-restored examples.