1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Coupe Cobalt Blue

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It’s amazing how times change… Just a few short years ago the entire buzz in the late air-cooled market was the 993. The 993 is truly an amazing car, so the thought must have been that if the 993 was amazing that a 964 was something less than. How wrong they all were! I have been a 964 fanatic since working at Bellevue Porsche when these cars were new! I think people realized you get the traditional 911 upright front fenders, big displacement 3.6-liter motor coupled with a modern coil-over type suspension and HVAC that really works! Now the world has discovered the 964 and is finally appreciating these cars, the challenge now is finding a nice, honest, original manual Carrera 2 coupe…

Now, if finding a nice, honest, manual C2 coupe is tough enough, try to find one in the uber rare and GORGEOUS shade of Cobalt Blue… Believe it or not this color was on the 964 color palate from 1991-1993 but for whatever reason it was rarely ordered. I have seen other examples online, but had never seen one in the flesh. It’s simply a WOW! All of my personal 964’s are in fairly plain colors, it is so tempting to just tuck this example away!

This particular 964 has hade the same PCA owner since 1999. He is active in his region in the Concours scene and he has ever shown this car 3 times at Parade (1st in Milwaukie, 3rd in St. Charles). Over the years he just tinkered away and slowly made the car better. Here are some of the larger improvements:

  • Complete top end overhaul and re-seal done at 64k miles.
  • New clutch and OEM flywheel at the same time
  • OEM 17” Cup 1 wheels
  • OEM 993TT Big Red Turbo Brakes
  • Euro Pre-muffler (cat comes with) and primary muffler bypass, sounds great!
  • Lots of nice cosmetic items such as all new rear lenses/reflector, new lower bumper plastics, etc.

The owner wanted it free to chips and evidence of wear, so it has had paint work on most panels. All of it well done, so its not a 100% original paint car but it also doesn’t show the ravages of age of one either! It has a clean clear Carfax and title.

The interior on this car is beautiful, showing only light evidence of wear. Everything works as designed including the air-conditioning, cruise control and all power accessories. I apologize that in photos I didn’t show the original linen carpets, I have them but I didn’t want to get them dirty as I had already left a mark on the sides of the carpet (dang winter!). One of my favorite things about this car is that it has two rare options that I find so useful: the trip computer which displays speed, mpg, outside temp, etc. and power lumbar in both seats. Great!

When I got the car I sent it immediately to my local, well respected, PCA shop; Squire’s Autowerkes for an inspection and service. Here is what I had done:

  • Leaks- it had some typical oil leaks, so I replaced both valve cover gaskets, replaced the power steering pump seal and replaced the seal on the front of the transmission. It is a later model with head gaskets, so the case is dry and has none of the typical 964 leaks.
  • Mechanical- they adjusted the valves and discovered one broken valve spring, so we replaced that and fixed a few vacuum leaks.
  • Electrical- I replaced the driver’s side window switch, installed a new ignition switch and replaced one of the power seats transmissions in the drivers seat.

After spending ~$4k I am confident it is ready to go for any potential buyer.

The car comes complete with the following items:

  • Owners manual and service manual
  • Complete tool kit
  • Original air pump
  • Original jack, tire bag and plastic gloves
  • 2 original keys

Are you ready to cause a flash mob at your next Porsche gathering? Be ready, this just will do it!