1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Targa, Slate Grey on Classic Grey, 5-speed, 100% original, fully documented from new, just 45k miles, world class example

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The sense of smell is an important part of our evolutionary development. Smell immediately sends an emotional signal; skipping the thalamus, the part of the brain that acts as the gatekeeper. This was necessary so our ancestors could immediately sense danger with an instantaneous and heightened emotional response. This attribute while not as necessary in our modern world, is still part of our hard-wired DNA. When I open the door of this 964 Targa I am instantly overpowered, memories flooding back to 1991 when I smelled the interior of a 964 for the first time. I can still visualize that car:  a brand new 1991 964 Turbo in Grand Prix White over Cobalt Blau leather. I fell in love with the 964 at that exact moment….

Why do I tell you that? Simply because this 964 Targa has the exact smell 964’s had when new (I worked at a Porsche dealer in 1991!) . Oddly enough, I collect all original air-cooled 911’s and the 964 smell is unique; richer with more leather and less oil;  related to the others yet somehow my emotional response to these cars is much stronger. I can only figure that this car smells so original because it IS so original… This Targa is 100% how it left the factory and it has NEVER been modified in any way. Many of my cars I reverse the subtle changes made over the years, the typical aftermarket wheels, alarm systems, radios and the like, but this car is as if you were transported back to 1991, it has never been touched!

This 964 was purchased new at Scottsdale Porsche on July 27th1991. The original owner immediately drove the car to his home in Boise, Idaho driving this car just over 2,000 miles in the 1st 30 days! He immediately brought the car to the local Porsche dealer at 2,050 miles and 30 days old for a break in oil change. He kept the car until August 7th 2002 when he sold it to another local Boise PCA member at 27,640 miles. I purchased the car directly from him on September 4th2009 when it had 41,642 miles on it. I transported it back to my home in Richland, WA and immediately a good friend of mine was so smitten he begged me for it. He is an amazing curator for fine objects and I knew he would maintain the car to the highest standard, so I relented. I always wanted the car back, so on June 4th 2018 I purchased this car back from him with just over 45,000 miles. I have REALLY struggled with selling this car as it is one of the finest 964’s I have laid eyes on but ultimately I have decided to thin the collection. With that said, I won’t sell this car to just anyone, you must meet the standards of the previous caretakers!

Here is how the car was optioned new:

  • Slate Grey Metallic Exterior (all original!)
  • Classic Grey Leather
  • Radio Blaupunkt Stuttgart

Original MSRP- $67,512

Exterior: Slate Grey Metallic:

This Targa has always lived in dry, desert climates (Boise, ID and Richland, WA) and has never been subjected to any type of inclement weather. It has never been damaged in any way and it is remarkable in almost all aspects (glass, lenses, trim, rubber, targa top, etc). I recently had the experts at Metropolitan Detail polish the car to remove even to smallest of toweling marks and imperfections. The only notable flaws on the exterior are some small stone marks on the hood and lower rear rockers commiserate with mileage (too bad they didn’t really have clear film paint protection in 1991!). The car is gorgeous! (please note the photos show some white marks on the lower front bumper trim, that was some polish I didn’t notice! It is now off, rain has set in otherwise I would have taken new photos!)

Interior:Classic Grey Leather

The interior is likewise as new, right down to the unmistakable 964 “smell”. No wear, ticky-tacky type issues to be found anywhere. Everything on the car works as designed. The Targa top is all-original and is as good as could be imagined, with a perfect seal and fit, meaning no wind noise (the bain of Targa’s!). I was told that no owner has ever folded the Targa top and I would believe it!


The car runs and drives as you would expect an all original, maintained by the book example would. Of particular note this car uses the later, updated motor that utilizes head gaskets (Engine number is 62M10816, all motors after 62M06836 have the updated style). It is current on all service as I just did an annual service and replaced the front hood shocks. I will be replacing the tires as they were last replaced by me in 2009 and I abhor old tires!


I have EVERYTHING a collector would demand for a car of this caliber:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • VIN Stamped and filled out Maintenance Book
  • All original delivery materials including PDI, Roadside Assistance cards and materials, radio code cards, even the original key fobs from Scottsdale Porsche!
  • All the original books and manuals: Owners manual, service book, Blaupunkt radio manual, original sales brochure.
  • Complete, unbroken service history from the original oil change to current with no gaps in an organized folder.
  • All original keys


The car will come with the following items:

  • SHOW QUALITY tool kit!
  • Original Tire Compressor
  • Jack, Tire storage tote, Owafix tire changing gloves
  • NOS OEM Black “Porsche” Floor Mats
  • 2ndset of Lloyd Classic Grey 964 Carrera Targa Floor Mats
  • OEM Fitted front end cover
  • Fitted Car Cover
  • Battery Maintainer

If you are as smitten with 964’s as I am, you probably know how rare this car is. 964’s weren’t widely accepted when introduced, as the Porsche faithful doesn’t like change… The 964 was 85% new under the skin, yet maintained the body shell of the outgoing G-body cars with exception of neatly integrated aero bumpers, but to the faithful they thought they were ungainly. My have times changed! Now the 964 is generally viewed as the perfect nexus of the traditional 911 design language with the upright front fender coupled with a big displacement 3.6 liter twin plug motor, modern coil over style suspension, HVAC that actually works all while maintaining the coach built quality of the previous cars.

The challenge now is the perfect imbalance of supply and demand. An initial cool market response due to many factors (styling, high MSRP, some teething issues on the non-head gasket cars, etc) meant that overall production of 964’s was very low. For many years 964’s languished and were subjected to many indignities and as such the population of truly exceptional 964’s is VERY small. In the past year the 964 has transitioned from the model nobody wanted to the darling in the market. EVERYONE is talking 964…. Now further the challenge and put the majority of the demand on Carrera 2 and manual transmission models and you can see the problem…

964 Targa’s are even more rare, with Targa’s making up ~10% of 964 production, just 1,012 came to the US from 1990-1993. Of those they were split between Carrera 2 manuals, C2 Tiptronic  and Carrera 4. How many Carrera 2 manuals? Nobody knows, but couldn’t have been more than a few hundred. How many left in this condition???

Reach out to me, lets talk and see if you are the right caretaker for this 964….