1995 Porsche 993 Carrera Coupe-Polar Silver on Black, 6-speed, Euro M030 suspension, LSD, enthusiast owned and ready to enjoy, 145k miles

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Years ago people actually drove the 993 like it was “just” a car…. I remember those days… I was a regular on Rennlist and we would banter about modifications, how to fix niggling issues and DRIVING the cars. Sadly now Rennlist topics are mostly “What’s my 993 worth?”, “How many miles are too many?”, “What should the readings be for original paint?”, “Do you use a foam cannon and a 2 bucket washing method?”, et al…. I find it nauseating at times and miss the old days…

Why the rant? Because this car IS the circa 2009 Rennlist 993. It’s been driven, improved, loved and broken in like a perfect pair of jeans, maybe even a pair with holes just starting to form in the knees…. So does this car have some flaws, paintwork and evidence of use? YES! Does it drive REALLY well, handle like a dream and is ready to be driven somewhere RIGHT NOW? YES!

Because the market has shifted and we are now prizing perfect cars ( I can be guilty of this!), I figured “what the heck”, throw it on Bring a Trailer and run it NO RESERVE. We will see what the market thinks! This will be interesting….