1996 Porsche 993 C4S-22k original miles!

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1996 Porsche 993 C4S- 100% original and just 22k miles!

In my line of work I am exceedingly blessed, I get the opportunity to interact with some of the finest cars in the world. Even among these many amazing cars, there are still some cars that give me pause… This car gives me pause…

Why? Simple, because I so rarely see a 993 that is truly 100% original in every way, a car that truly makes no excuses. For those who know me understand that I am VERY particular and if I sell a car it truly is an excellent example of the given model. This car, even for me is it at the very top of my range, truly world class. If you are looking for a 993 C4S to add to your collection and the word “compromise” is not in your dictionary, this IS your car!

This car was sold new on January 29th 1996 to its original owner at Fred Baker Porsche-Audi in Bedford, Ohio. The original owner traded the car back in to the original selling dealer in 2001 when the car had 11,255 miles. The dealer sold the car as a CPO Porsche to the 2nd owner, a collector in Boise, ID who had the car until 2013 and only added an additional 6,457 miles on the car over the next 12 years. A good client, friend and local PCA member purchased the car in 2013 at 17,712 miles and has enjoyed putting 4,000 miles on the car in the past two years. Do you want to be the next careful owner?

Here is how it is optioned:

Base Price $73,000

  • Arena Red Metallic- $1,036
  • Marble Grey Leather Interior- N/C
  • CD Player- $315
  • Power Seat Package- $1004
  • Wheel Caps with Colored Crests- $224
  • Porsche Floor Mats-Marble Grey- $110
  • Delete Rear Model Designation- N/C

Total Original MSRP $78,364

Body and Paint- The car is wearing 100% original paint as verified by paint meter. It has never been damaged in any way and it is almost without flaw. No rock chips, scratches, dings, etc. Ready for the PCA Concours! The entire front end of the car is covered in Xpel Ultimate Clear film, which is the best film on the market. It is self-healing and has beautiful optical clarity, it is almost invisible. No lines, no seams, just awesome protection if you actually want to go out and drive the car!

Interior- The interior is likewise as new. There literally are no flaws worth noting. I really like the contrast of the Marble Grey over the Arena Red, striking!

Mechanical- The car runs and drives exactly how a 993 should, which is to say spectacular. It is 100% stock and original with no modifications of any kind. Everything works as it should including all the accessories, air-conditioning, cruise control, etc. There are no leaks. Current mileage is 20,805. Here are the most recent service items:

  • 20,400 miles- New battery
  • 20,030- Oil and both filters, fuel filter, flushed brakes and clutch
  • 19,067- AC recharged
  • 19,020- Old clear film removed and new XPEL ultimate clear film installed
  • 18,845- All new drive belts, performed the 993 pulley update kit, new OEM key and remote to replace original switchblade style key
  • 17,800- Cabin Air Filters
  • 17,733- Oil and both Filters, brake fluid flush, front and rear lid struts
  • 17,700- 4 new Bridgestone Potenza SO2 “N” Spec tires
  • 14,609- 15k mile service

Being a collector car it is imperative that a car of this caliber has every piece of documentation and is complete. The buyer of this car will receive the following:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • Service history
  • All the books and manuals in the correct case
  • Both original keys and switchblade remotes along with a new revised style key and remote
  • The complete tool kit, jack, drop cloth and gloves
  • The OEM Porsche tire pump

A checklist of a collectible Porsche should include the following attributes:

  • Originality- This car is 100% original in every way possible.
  • Provenance- This car has a known history from new, a clean Carfax and comes complete with all the included and often missing factory accessories.
  • Condition- This car is pristine inside, outside and mechanically, it has no needs.
  • Rarity- Porsche produced a grand total of 1,091 C4S’ in 1996 and a total of 2,327 in total.
  • Desirability- The 993 has always been desirable being the final iteration of the iconic air-cooled experience. Of the 993’s however the market lusts for the wide-bodied C4S and C2S models, with their larger than life rear fenders. Couple that with the inclusion of the Turbo Big Red Brakes on the C4S model and you have a car that will always be on the top of the list.

What are you waiting for, if you want the best of the best here it is…