1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4- Polar Silver on Black Leather, 6-speed, Heated hard-back sport seats, M030 suspension, 18″ Technology wheels, loaded $88k MSRP and as new w/ 26k miles!

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1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Coupe- 26,650 original miles!

In today’s market we seemingly see a new record price for these cars daily, many people wonder if I am excited to see this. Sadly, I am not thrilled but maybe for a more nuanced reason than people realize. What causes me to lose sleep is when I see a record PRICE on a car that isn’t of record QUALITY. I have seen so many so-so cars get swept up in the momentum and it breaks my heart to imagine an excited enthusiast realizing their new big purchase is just a shiny used car… Ugh! Now, one can avoid this by simply understanding that true quality can’t be faked and has never come cheap. So, ask yourself, do you want real quality or the illusion of it? This car is a the real deal….

Unique Options and Configuration:

It seems hard to believe, but there was once a time before Porsche’s had a 14-page long options list…. In the 993-era the vast majority of the cars are lightly optioned, so when I find a heavily optioned example it always captures my attention! Here is how this car was optioned:

Base Price $78,350

  • Polar Silver Metallic- $1,036
  • 030- Sport Suspension and 18” Hollow Spoke Technology wheels- $3,901
  • Heated Seats Left and Right- $578
  • Hardback Sport Seats- $365
  • Rear Wiper- $357
  • Hi-Fi Sound- $930
  • Litronic Headlights- $1,536

Total Original MSRP $87,908

I challenge you search the entire 993 market and find another 993 coupe that has M030 sport suspension, heated hard back sport seats and Litronics…. You wont find it! Now find it in a Carrera 4 coupe… Less than 500 Narrow body Varioram Carrera 4 coupes were ever sold here in the US compared to more than 3500 Carrera 2’s. The 993 Carrera 4 used a much simpler AWD system vs. the 964 System and it is reliable, robust and unobtrusive except when you want to drive with reckless abandon in the wet… They also get 4-channel ABS, Limited Slip and Active Brake Differential as standard.

No Excuses Quality:

This 993 just reeks of quality wherever you look. It is ready for any Q-tip wielding PCA judge you might run into! The paint is 100% original as verified with a paint meter and it shows like new. In fact it was so nice up top that I jumped into the deep end of the pool and treated the entire undercarriage to a full detail with dry ice. Look at the chassis photos, insane…. I especially love the sport seats, not only are the rare but most of the time when you see them they look worn. These look like nobody has ever sat in them.  I LOVE it….

When the car arrived I wanted it “my quality” so I did the following:

  • Full inspection with leak down (all numbers are below 3%, as new). No notable issues.
  • Full paint correction and detail at Metropolitan Detail
  • New Flare guards
  • Full Chassis detail with Dry Ice
  • Refinished all 4 Hollow Spoke Wheels
  • 4 new Continental Extreme Contact Tires
  • Full annual service
  • Please note I have also changed (after the photos) the exhaust tips to the OEM “Wide Ovals” as when I looked at the photos the tips bothered me…..

The car is completely stock with 2 very minor exceptions: the original shocks and springs were swapped out with Bilstein PSS10 coilovers (originals are included with the sale) and a hidden radar detector was installed.

Mechanically the car is without reproach.  It has traveled exactly 26,650 miles since new. Everything works as designed including the AC, cruise control, all power functions etc.. Jump in and drive!

As you are probably aware the 993 represented the end of line for the air-cooled Porsche and what a fitting end cap it was! The 993 was heralded when new and will continue to forever be viewed as the ultimate iteration of the classic 911. If you want the ultimate iteration, why compromise and buy a non-ultimate example? Sure you could buy one for $65-80k that is an ok driver, but for a little more you can have no excuses, in a rare configuration with all the hard to find options!