1996 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo

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Every so often, if you are exceedingly lucky, a car so special it almost defies description comes along, this is one of those cars… Although I am not worthy, I will do my best…
If you are looking for a 993 Twin Turbo to add to your collection and the word “compromise” is not in your dictionary, this is your car. Here is the story:
The car was sold new on June 22nd 1996 to its first and only owner at Barrier Porsche in Bellevue, WA. Its total price out the door was a whopping $129,311! This owner is a long time PCA member, car collector and car enthusiast who knew how special this car was from Day 1 and treated it as such. Go out and look and you will find almost all the low mileage 993TT’s are 3, 4 and 5-owner cars. Something gets lost in the translation on those cars. Not with this car.
The car is finished in the very desirable and always popular Jet Black on Black. The paint on the car is absolutely unbelievable. Black shows every imperfection and on this car it is a deep, lustrous black with no swirls, scratches or imperfections. It has never been damaged, parked outside and seen any type of weather. Most cars look better in pictures, this is the exception. This car looks better in person!
The car was treated with 3M Stonegaurd when new. It was applied to the front bumper, half of the hood, leading edges of the fenders, mirrors and door edge guards. It has done its job and protected the car from damage.
The interior of the car is without flaw of any kind. It still has that new car smell that is an unmistakable air-cooled Porsche hallmark. If you are like me that smell alone evokes positive memories and takes you to a different place. I was fortunate enough to work at a Porsche dealer when they were still selling new air-cooled cars and the smell of this car instantly takes me back.
Mechanically the car is without reproach. It has traveled exactly 11,951 miles since new. The cars owner being a longtime Porsche enthusiast had one Porsche mechanic that he entrusted his cars to. This mechanic is well known and respected in the Porsche circle and has an impressive resume and roster of clients. Squire Tomasi at Squires Autowerke’s has been the only person to turn a wrench on this car. It has been lovingly maintained since new and of course comes with an unbroken chain of service records from day 1. I am happy to review the service history with any buyer.
Being a collector car it is imperative that a car of this caliber have every piece of documentation and be complete. The buyer of this car will receive the following:

Original Window Sticker
Original Bill of Sale
Original Washington Title Showing 62 delivery miles
Complete Service history from new
All the books and manuals in the correct case
Both switchblade keys, the valet key and the key code card
The complete tool kit, jack, drop cloth and gloves
The OEM Porsche tire pump
As you are probably aware the 993 represented the end of line for the air-cooled Porsche and what a fitting end cap it was! The 993 was heralded when new and will continue to forever be viewed as the ultimate iteration of the classic 911. The Twin-Turbo being the ultimate expression of 993 will remain as one of the most coveted Porsches of all time. If you want the best of the best, here it is!
If you are looking for a 993TT to add to your collection or are looking for a car to take home a trophy at the Porsche Parade, this is your car. You certainly could find a less expensive example, but you wouldn’t find a finer one!