1997 Porsche 993 Carrera-Black on Black, 6-speed, well optioned, full history from new, 89k miles

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1997 Porsche 993 Carrera 6-speed Coupe-89k miles

Human nature is such that in a void of information we tend to assume the worst… I think that is primarily why the market really favors cars with a documented provenance. In the case of Porsche’s we love to know who owned the car, who worked on it, was service and upgrades were done and ideally there is some strange and alluring story mixed in there. This particular 993 is the ideal example of the Porschephile’s dream documentation. It comes with a 3-ring binder that starts with a copy of the original title and the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) from the delivering dealer and continues unabated from there! The car clearly shows careful and loving ownership over the past 21 years, including the last 3 owners who are clients of mine. Are you ready to assume the mantle of ownership?

This 993 was sold new at Scholfield Porsche in Wichita, KS on March 18th, 1997 and was ordered with the following specification:

Base Price $63,750

  • L741 Black Exterior- N/C
  • LT Black Partial Leather- N/C
  • 159-Motor Sound Package-$332
  • 220- Limited Slip Differential- $1,253
  • 224-Active Brake Differential
  • 398- 17” Cup Design Wheels- $1,444
  • 445- Wheels Caps w/ Colored Crests-$166
  • 490-Hi-Fi Sound System-$930
  • 520- Infared Security System- $216
  • 601- Litronic Headlights-$1,536
  • 688- Radio CDR-210-$315
  • 692-Remote CD Changer- $813
  • Destination- $765

Total Original MSRP- $71,520

1997 is the final year of the narrow body 993 coupe and as such has all the best updates and is the rarest of the NB cars. It has just become so hard to find a good one!

The exterior aesthetics of the car are in line with what you would expect of a car that has been loved and cherished since day 1. The black paint is near immaculate given the age and mileage and has been freshly paint corrected by the gurus at Metropolitan Detail (www.metropolitandetail.com) to remove the unsightly swirl marks that mar so many black cars! In 2008 the hood and front bumper were refinished to remove rock chips (invoice in file) and then those areas were subsequently covered in clear film. I would advise removing the film as it has done its job and is showing its age. At the same time the owner had the shop remedy the common 993 door check strap failure, it was done correctly from behind as opposed to the common “hack” repair of just putting a big welded mess on the bottom of the strap. The car has never been involved in any type of accident and of course has a clean title and Carfax.

The interior is likewise very nice, showing almost no wear with exception of mileage consistent patina on the seats. Everything works as it should and it is free from any smells, unusual wear or the irritating ticky-tacky type things so commonly seen on these.

Mechanically one can review the full history from new. Suffice it to say it has been serviced to a very high level. One of my favorite things looking thru the history is that a previous owner went stem to stern thru the suspension and installed the complete OEM M030 sport suspension, including shocks, struts, springs and sway bars. At the same time all of the tie-rods, bushings, et al were swapped out. All of the parts were purchased directly thru Porsche. The factory suspension is a weak point on these cars, especially as they age. This car feels tight and responsive and has the all important Euro/ROW ride height!

I recently had the car inspected at Squire’s Autowerke’s (http://squiresautowerke.com) and they identified some items that are worth noting including a few minor oil leaks and a torn CV boot. I have it scheduled to fix a few items and the other items I am happy to discuss with a potential client, as there are a few paths and thought it might be better to talk thru the options with the eventual owner. Whatever route chosen, be assured you will be getting a great car that is ready to be used as intended!

The car comes complete with the following items:

  • VIN Matched books and manuals
  • Full service and ownership history from new to current
  • Complete OEM tool kit
  • Correct air-pump, jack & bag, gloves, tire plastic
  • 4-updated keys/remotes!

I am thrilled to offer this very honest, nicely optioned and well documented 993. The past 3 owners have been clients of mine, are you ready to join the family?