1997 Porsche 993 Turbo- Glacier White on Black Leather, 6-speed, 3,923 miles, a true #1 condition car, as good as it gets!

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1997 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo- 3,925 original miles!

Every so often, if you are exceedingly lucky, a car so special it almost defies description comes along; this is one of those cars… Although I am not worthy, I will do my best…

If you are looking for a 993 Twin Turbo to add to your collection and the word “compromise” is not in your dictionary, this is your car. Here is the story:

This car has had just two owners from new, the original owner from 1997-2018, who was a passionate collector. The current owner purchased the car from his estate and is a longtime PCA member and as fanatical as owner 1. Go out and look and you will find almost all the low mileage 993TT’s are 5, 6 and 7-owner cars. Something gets lost in the translation on those cars. Not with this car.

The car is finished in a new color for 1997: FernWeiss or “Glacier White” in the US. The much more common Grand Prix white is a softer shade, whereas Glacier White is a pure, deep white, stunning!  The paint on the car is 100% original as verified by paint meter. The front end and wear areas have been covered with paint protection film (PPF) for protection. It has never been damaged, parked outside and seen any type of weather. Most cars look better in pictures, this is the exception. This car looks better in person!

The interior of the car is without flaw of any kind. It still has that new car smell that is an unmistakable air-cooled Porsche hallmark. If you are like me that smell alone evokes positive memories and takes you to a different place. I was fortunate enough to work at a Porsche dealer when they were still selling new air-cooled cars and the smell of this car instantly takes me back. The small things will delight: the soft knap of the carpet, the un-cracked door pockets, the “squish” to the leather on the steering wheel. Those who know, KNOW what I am talking about… you can NEVER duplicate this sensation.

Mechanically the car is without reproach.  It has traveled exactly 3,925 miles since new. It has been lovingly maintained since new and of course comes with an unbroken chain of service records from day 1. I am happy to review the service history with any buyer.

The only change from original is a recent installation of the Rest of World (ROW) M030 Turbo sports Bilstein Shocks and springs. This is the setup this car should have always come with. The original shocks/springs will convey with the car.

Now in the world of “low mileage” cars they generally fall into one of two categories, both are interesting BUT one category is MUCH more desirable than the other and MUCH rarer:

  • The typical story- The most common way an uber low mileage car is created is by being “forgotten”. The story is seemingly some derivation of this “Owner buys a new Porsche and shortly thereafter takes a temporary job assignment overseas. He asks his Mother-in-law if he can store the car in her garage…. The 12-month job assignment turns into 25 years and the car simply sits static. Later becoming a stacking surface from Christmas ornaments and discarded household items. While these are fun to find, they suffer the fate of neglect…
  • The “Ultimate” story- the car was purchased new by a car enthusiast who simply made it their lifes work to “preserve” the car. They were generally of an eccentric nature and went to extraordinary lengths to maintain the car and protect if from any type of damage or wear. This is the type of car you want to find and this car IS that example…

Being a collector car it is imperative that a car of this caliber has every piece of documentation and be complete. The buyer of this car will receive the following:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Complete Service history from new
  • All the books and manuals in the correct case
  • Both switchblade keys, the valet key and the key code card
  • The complete tool kit, jack, drop cloth and gloves
  • The OEM Porsche tire pump

As you are probably aware the 993 represented the end of line for the air-cooled Porsche and what a fitting end cap it was! The 993 was heralded when new and will continue to forever be viewed as the ultimate iteration of the classic 911. The Twin-Turbo being the ultimate expression of 993 will remain as one of the most coveted Porsches of all time. If you want the best of the best, here it is!

If you are looking for a 993TT to add to your collection or are looking for a car to take home a trophy at the Porsche Parade, this is your car. You certainly could find a less expensive example, but you wouldn’t find a finer one!