1997 Porsche 993 Turbo “S”-Guards Red on Cashmere Full leather, 1 of 182 built, 100% original, fully documented from new, YES this is the actual holy grail in the flesh

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31k-Mile 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S


1997 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo “S”- 1 of 182

The end was near and times were a changing… Luckily even the insiders within Porsche knew a wholesale change was occurring and they had the forethought to demarcate this moment in time with the final and best iteration of the iconic 911 Turbo. Sadly just 182 lucky souls in the US were able to celebrate this momentous occasion with the delivery of the then unobtanium 993 Turbo S… Fast forward to 2021 and the script has scarcely changed, except now finding a quality Turbo S is ever more the challenge. This car is worth your close scrutiny, read on….

Funny enough most of us assume the current “flipper/speculator” market that is so prevalent on modern Porsche GT cars is a fairly recent phenomenon, not so! Believe it or not a well-known Porsche reseller purchased this particular car new when new for well over MSRP and never titled it. Apparently this plan didn’t work out that well for them as they sold it 3 months later at a slight loss (albeit still above MSRP!) to it’s first titled owner who would go on to take mileage to within just a few hundred miles from its current 31,230 miles. My client purchased the car in 2017 and sadly it is has sat mostly static in his collection, it is now ready for owner 3 who ideally will drive this car as intended!

Now before you get too far, I will answer the question of the hour…. Is THIS the legendary “AIR” 993 Turbo S…. How many of us have watched “The Last Dance” and replayed the scene showing Michael Jordan getting into his Guards Red over Cashmere 993 Turbo S with the personalized Illinois plate “AIR”…. Well let’s see: Turbo S? Check! Guards Red? Check! Cashmere Interior? Check! Standard Seats? Check!…. Sure looks like it could be, but alas this car is a perfect doppelgånger, the good news is can you imagine the premium for not only a Turbo “S” but MJ’s Turbo “S”??

The car arrived at my shop and I couldn’t have been more excited. If you haven’t had the opportunity to really study a Turbo “S” you would be missing the dozens of small details that Porsche did to put a final bow on the era. The list is extensive and every time I look at the car I find a new detail. Mechanically they did a host of revisions including larger K24 turbochargers, different ECU tune, exhaust and a 2nd oil cooler. Exterior they feature a unique front spoiler, front fog lights with integrated brake cooling ducts, rear quarter vents, an exclusive rear spoiler and unique wheel finish. On the inside they greatly offended PETA by literally slathering every inch of the car in leather. Literally every button, switch, vent, dial… you name it and it is in leather. Breathtaking….

As many of my clients know I am VERY particular and the car was easily a top tier car but did show some of the very typical light wear you would see after 25 years and 31k miles. Almost every 993TT that I see on the market shows this typical evidence; I wanted this car to stand out! We embarked on a project where we went over the car with a fine tooth comb using my experience in the Porsche concours world. Absolutely ANYTTHING that was less than concours quality was cleaned, polished, serviced or replaced. 9 months of exhaustive work and almost $40k later the car is truly head and shoulders above the rest. I wont bore you to tears with the minutiae of all the small pieces, but to give you an idea we even replaced the always-missing .25-cent rubber plugs in the mirror bases! Some of the bigger items:

  • Complete top end engine rebuild by the experts at Squires Autowerkes (http://squiresautowerke.com). We started off to fix a couple of minor oil leaks and the slippery slope began and I simply was unwilling to compromise on this car…. Happy to share this invoice with any interested parties.
  • Major service- all fluids, filters, spark plugs
  • Updated oil line kit with check valves
  • AC system test and service
  • Remove prior paint protection film and replaced the factory stone guards
  • Complete chassis dry ice cleaning
  • Extensive paint correction and painstaking detail by Metropolitan Detail (metropolitandetail.com)
  • All told the punch list had probably 50+ small to large items, its just paying attention to the small details that will make this car stand out!

The guards red paint on this car is 100% original as verified by paint meter. The photos don’t lie; the paint is deep and lustrous with not a single swirl mark to be found. Since it is wearing its original finish, close examination will reveal the occasional minor rock chip, all of which have been expertly touched up, but it has been driven 31k miles. There are no dings, scratches or nits to note.  The title and Carfax are of course clean.

The interior of the car is likewise pristine and without issue. I could spend days just studying all the fine details, I think my favorite has to be the cigarette lighter is wrapped in leather, better not lose that…. Everything works as designed and the AC blows cold.  The only deviation from original is a hidden K40 radar detector that was installed when the car was new.

Mechanically the car is 100% ready to go, I went to great lengths to assure that. Please reach out and I am happy to walk you thru the complete service history. There are no mechanical modifications whatsoever to the car.

In addition to the recent work I have a 100% complete service history, which starts with the original window sticker/purchase documents and continues unabated from 1997 to current with no gaps or unknowns. It literally is well north of 100 pages, suffice it to say this car was loved and respected; sadly this is more rare than you might think!

The car comes complete with the following

  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Original window sticker
  • Complete Service history
  • All the books and manuals in the correct case
  • Original switchblade key as well as the newer updated key/fob
  • The complete tool kit, jack, drop cloth and gloves
  • The OEM Porsche tire pump

So, do you want to be one of the lucky few to own the final and best air-cooled 911 Turbo iteration?