1997 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo- 100% original, 19k miles in true Concours condition, wow!

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1997 Porsche 993 Twin-Turbo- 19k miles

How many of us still have the “Kills Bugs Faster” poster hanging on the wall of our garage? Of course you will recall this memorable advertising campaign exclusively featured an Arena Red 993TT, is that because Porsche thought this was the best color on a 993…

If you are looking for a 993 Twin Turbo and you are VERY particular, this might be your car. Here is the story. This particular Turbo was special ordered new in Reno, NV and resided with its original owner in California until 2014 and I have subsequently sold it to 2 different clients of mine in Nevada and California. It has been loved from day 1 and it shows. It is completely stock and original with no modifications of any kind.

Here is how this car was ordered:

  • Arena Red Metallic Exterior
  • Cashmere Full Leather Interior
  • Cashmere Floor Mats- $110
  • 5 CD Holder in Console- $349
  • Brake/Shifter in Carbon Aluminum- $830
  • Aluminum Chrome X71, X70, X54 $2,075
  • Rims Caps w/Porsche Crest- $166
  • Digital Sound Package- $1,145
  • AM/FM Radio w/ CD Player- $315
  • Supple Leather front and rear- $398
  • Original MSRP $113,753

The car comes complete with the following items:

  • All the original books including the VIN matched service book
  • Original Window Sticker
  • Original Factory Order and Purchase Invoice
  • Service History
  • Certificate of Authenticity (CofA)
  • OEM Tire compressor
  • OEM complete tool kit
  • OEM Jack, jack handle and green bag

If you are looking for a collectible quality 993TT, this car hits all the key attributes:

  • All original
  • Known and documented history from new
  • Iconic color combination
  • Well optioned
  • Complete with all factory delivered accessories
  • Spectacular condition inside and out
  • Model Year 1997- Final year of production, improvements to the ECU and transmission and just 1 of 612 US Delivered examples!

As you are probably aware the 993 represented the end of line for the air-cooled Porsche and what a fitting end cap it was! The 993’s were heralded when new and will continue to forever be viewed as the ultimate iteration of the classic 911. The Twin-Turbo being the ultimate expression of 993 will remain as one of the most coveted Porsches of all time. If you want the best of the best, here it is!

It’s a just an AMAZING car, wouldn’t you rather have the real thing vs. the poster on the wall…