1997 Porsche Boxster, Arctic Silver over Graphite Grey, 2 local PCA member owners, fully documented, near flawless!

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1997 Porsche Boxster-just 52k miles!

Its hard to believe we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Boxster this year, it seems like just yesterday when this little car literally set the Porsche world on fire! Do you remember how hard it was to get one? The initial cars were all special ordered well in advance by enthusiastic Porsche fanatics. That is this cars story….

Back in June of 1996 before Porsche had even officially introduced the Boxster in the US, a good friend and longtime client of mine named Bill, placed a deposit and spec’d out his dream Boxster. As a 30+ year PCA member, engineer and car enthusiast he knew exactly what he wanted.

The eight-month wait was excruciatingly painful but the fateful day arrived on February 25th 1997, just six weeks after the official introduction of the Boxster at the LA Autoshow. He was the first in the area to have a new Boxster and it caused quite a stir! What a magnificent car!

He lavished the car with love and attention and was so smitten with the car that he later ordered a REALLY special Boxster… A RUF 3400S that he ordered and personally picked up from Alois Ruf in Pfaffenhausen. Once that car arrived he needed to find a caretaker for his prized original Boxster, so he turned to another good friend, local 30+ year PCA member and engineer also named Bill… This new Bill carried on the tradition of love and care for the next 16 years. I often say on older Porsche’s you are buying the owner, not just the car. This is ABSOLUTELY true in this case, both owners of this car have lavished love and care on this car. Sadly that isn’t true 20 years later about a lot of Boxster’s… Do you want to be the next “Bill”?

Here is how the car was spec’d:

• Arctic Silver Metallic Exterior/Black Top- $789
• Graphite Grey Leather
• Sport Package- 17” Wheels, Wind Stop, Sound Package, Cruise Control, Alarm System, in-dash CD- $3,235
• Traction Control- $847
• CD Shelf- $42

Total Original Price $45,658

Exterior- This Boxster has 100% original paint and has never been damaged in any way. It has clear paint protection film on all the high wear areas and both owners used an OEM bra when traveling to avoid stone damage. The top and rear window appear 2 and not 20 years old. As a result the body and paint on this car are nearly without fault, amazing!

Interior- The interior is likewise nearly as new. No kids, no pets, no smoking. Everything works as designed. The only fault I could find anywhere was the slightest amount of wear on a few touch surfaces such as the emergency brake handle.

Mechanical- Just 52k original miles. Both owners are retired engineers and a polite term to describe both of them might be “compulsive”… Luckily both owners are friends of mine and over breakfast I jokingly told them that I would describe them as a little neurotic and they laughed! I have EVERY service record from new to current as well as a handwritten log of every gallon of gas that has ever gone thru the tank! For fun you can see of photo of both “Bill’s” in the original owners garage/man cave (polished floors and lift type of garage!) along with a few of his other Porsche’s. These are the owners you want to buy from!

Driving- Driving this car made me realize why this car literally saved Porsche. Amazing mid-engine balance, light and direct steering and a motor that loves to rev! Sure the newer cars make more power but sometimes there is a purity of original design. The 2.5 liter motor loves to spin to redline and has an outrageous intake howl that starts at about 5,000 rpm! Couple that with a lithe 2,700lb curb weight and you have more fun than should be legal!

The car comes complete with the following:

• Original ordering paperwork
• Original PCNA ordering guide
• Original Purchase Order
• Original Window Sticker
• Full service history new to current
• Hardwritten mileage logs
• All original books and manuals
• 2 original keys, 1 valet key
• Original tool kit and jack
• OEM Porsche front end cover
• PCNA Boxster Launch Materials and Welcome Packet

I could go on and on about this car, but ultimately where are you go to find a Porsche that is fully documented, loved from day 1, in PCA Concours quality and is ready to go for under $10k? It just seems crazy its even possible, come quick!