1999 Ferrari 360 Modena


1999 Ferrari 360 Modena F1- 8,019 miles!

This is the Holy Grail perfect 360!

Here are the particulars:

The car was originally special ordered new by a customer of mine at Ferrari of Seattle and he owned it from 1999-2012. Since then I have sold it to 3 of my best customers who have cared for the car as I would, simply cherished! It is without flaw of any kind!

Here is how it is equipped:

Base MSRP: $141,323

Gas Guzzler Tax- $4500

6-CD Changer

Battery Charger-$759

Colored Upper Dashboard- $630

Racing Seat Medium Connolly- $4011

Upholstered top-$358

Colored Steering Wheel- $308

Spare Tire- $630

Preparation and Delivery-$350

Destination- $1350

Total MSRP- $155,159.00

I really don’t know how to describe the condition of this car except to honestly tell you that I would challenge someone to find a flaw in the car anywhere, it truly is new!

The car just received the Full 30k Service at Ferrari of Vancouver in July of 2015 at 7,159 miles including: Replace oil and Filter, Replace air filters, Replace timing belts and OEM tensioners, replace power steering belt, replace Air conditioning belt, replace alternator/waterpump belt, replace cam cover gaskets, replace cam end gaskets, replace cam seals, flush coolant, flush brake fluid, flush transmission fluid. Clutch wear was at just 30%.  All recalls are up to date including the all important cam variators.

At the same time the owner elected to have the newly released OEM Ferrari in-dash Navigation and bluetooth head unit with back up camera. You can check the unit out here: http://auto.ferrari.com/en_EN/wp-content/genuine-assets/en_EN/P000000208_en_430_Scuderia_Ferrari_Genuine_1DIN_Infotainment_System.pdf

(please note most photos show the OEM radio, new radio is shown below)

Luckily the car was covered in 3M paint protection film from new, so the car is free of any road blemishes. My most recent customer wanted to update the film as the newer products are much better than the early clear films. He took the car to Metropolitan Detail (www.metropolitandetail.com ) and had them cover 100% of the front end of the car in XPEL film with no seams! He also had the windshield covered in CLEARPLEX to protect the OEM windshield.

As a testament to his obsession with the car he recently showed the car with the Ferrari Club of America and it earned the highest award in the Concours de’ Elegance, the Platino Award.

On a Ferrari it is important to get all of the factory accessories. The following accessories should be on any 360 you look at: Factory tool kit (present), Factory tire inflator (Present), Factory leather case and all manuals (present), One red “Master” remote (present), 2 black “slave” remotes (1 present), 2 factory keys (1 present), original window sticker (present), factory radio code (present), factory key codes (present), factory car cover (present), full service history (present), original exhaust system (in the box), original radio (in the box).

At this point in the 360’s life cycle you will start to see many of these 360’s at very attractive price points. The sad reality is that most of those cars have had multiple uncaring owners, have been poorly serviced, have had paint work, accident damage, sticky plastics and shrinking leather. The truly exceptional example is the one you want to own, sure you might pay more up front, but the most expensive Ferrari to own is the cheapest one to buy upfront! Don’t make that mistake!

If you have been looking this IS THE 360 to own, perfect history, perfect aesthetics, perfect mechanicals, 100% original paint (paint meter verified), a gorgeous color combo and some very rare options including carbon seats, WOW!


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