1999 Porsche 996 Carrera-Arctic Silver on Black Full Leather, 6-speed, 18″ wheels, all original paint, exhaustive PPI just completed, IMS and Clutch just done, 70k miles, very nice!

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Who wants an amazing 996 6-speed Carrera Coupe?? Move fast as this is a deal… Read below for details!

As most of you know I am on the PCA National Tech Committee and am a contributor to Porsche Panarama. For 2020 I was planning a series of events around the topic of “Does the $20,000 911 Exist?”. I purchased a very nice 1999 996 Coupe in January to execute on this plan. In February I flew to Maryland to pick the car up and drive the car to Tech Tactics East, where I featured the car LIVE for my presentation. This allowed attendees to see the actual $20k 996, see myself and other members of the technical committee including Tony Callas(Callas Rennsport), Pedro Bonilla (Pedro’s Garage) and Charles Navarro (LN Engineering) pore over the car with me. We had an absolute blast and attendees very much appreciated the “hands on” learning!

Prior to the event I took the car to the talented Father and son team at Specialty Cars in Allentown,PA where Nick Burkit helped me PPI the car. We did the following items:

• Removed the sump and inspected for debris.
• Oil and Filter Change with Driven DT40. We cut open the filter and it was immaculate.
• Installed the LN Magentic Drain Plug and Remote Oil Filter Kit.
• Bore score analysis (looked like new!)
• AOS Manometer test
• DME Interrogation test for Over-Rev data, fault codes and cam deviation
• Full PPI
• Oil Analysis (sent to Speed Diagnostix- report came back as ideal)
• Paint meter results (all body panels are original paint, front bumper cover has been resprayed)
• I also drove the car ~500 miles over the course of the weekend, so I have a very good sense of how the car runs/drive/operates.

The good news is that the car passed the PPI with flying colors and both the various experts and attendees remarked on what an excellent example it was. Due to the COVID-19 situation I am unable to use the car as I intended (I was planning a cross country drive to show the car at Parade, use it at Parade Tech Academy, etc) so I have decided to offer the car to one of my clients at a great deal. A few notable items:

• The car is currently in Columbia, MD but I am not with the car so I am unable to facilitate a test drive or inspection, sorry! The car can be picked up or shipped from there.
• Since I do not have the car in my possession, there is a punch list of items that I would normally do to the car, in this case I will just disclose those items and you can decided what path to take on those. The good news is you will never find a 996 at this price point that has been as exhaustively inspected. Most people would never go this far on a PPI, but it was done to help the learning process for fellow PCA members.

•70,800 miles so the sweet spot of it has been driven, but still quite low for a 22 year old car!
Overall I would consider this to be a top 5% example 1999 996 coupe and it could be even better with some very minor items (see below)
• A good, honest, clean early build (4/1998) 996 coupe! This have the lowest rate of failure of the IMS and this one had the IMS replaced ~5,0000 miles ago.
• All original paint on the body panels, clean Carfax and Title. Lenses, trim, etc are all nice and bright. I would consider the exterior to be a 8.5/10
• Nice and clean original interior. I would consider the interior to be a 8.5/10
• All original except radio head unit and amplifier.
• ~$6,000 in preventative maintenance in the past 5,000 miles including clutch, IMS, RMS, coolant overflow tank, etc.
• 2 keys, all original books, keys, tools, etc.
• Exhaustive PPI and annual service just done.
• IMS updated, spin on oil filter adapter and magnetic drain plug done.

Con’s/To Do Items- (again normally I would never have this many to do items as most of these are EASY to remedy but since I don’t have the car at my shop…)
• Tires should be replaced due to age (IIRC 2012). They are Michelin Pilots and I could see no cracking or issues and have very few miles, but they are older than I like.
• Small curb rash on 2 wheels
• Scuffs on the following trim items: driver’s door threshold trim, front hood release lever, driver’s door interior pull.
• Drivers window regulator is working fine, but is clicking lightly so it is on the way out.
• Front brakes are ~20% so are due fairly soon.
• Secondary air-pump is noisy on cold start up for the 1st ~30 seconds.
• Coil packs are original, I would put those on the list in the near future when you do spark plugs next.
• Right rear brake caliper has some clear coat peeling (other 3 are excellent)
• Sunroof “thumps” when going over bumps, common on 996 (probably 90% of them that I see, ncluding my 11k mile one!)
• Some slight wear items: drivers left bolster minor, one small knick on the shift knob, rear center console lid has one pin cracked (visible when you open the cover), cover on the passenger mirror lid doesn’t “clip” shut.

I apologize, I don’t have my usual full suite of photos, just the photos I took for myself when I had the car at the PCNA training facility in Easton, PA. I am happy to send any additional photos you might want IF I have them, but feel free to call or email me with any questions. I hope this car finds a good home as I think it is a GREAT one!

$20,995 is my non-negotiable price, taking into account the overall quality, updates done, PPI results and factoring in the discount for the fact that I haven’t done all my “usual” tinkering…