2001 VW Eurovan Weekender-Techno Blue Pearl on Grey, 1 Porsche tech owner for 16 years, amazing condition- $25,995


If you are looking for the Holy Grail Eurovan Weekender, this is it! I can’t imagine you could find a nicer one anywhere unless it had almost zero miles! Here is the overview:


I recently sold this Eurovan to a local client who was debating one of these or a new Sprinter. They had always admired these but had never owned one. They had debating one of these or a new Sprinter they could outfit for camping, but were drawn to these for the $50k+ lower cost! They bought it about a month ago but after spending time with it they realized it’s a little too small for their needs, so I have it back! They put just over 700 miles on it! The only change they made was they installed a Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth and USB, the factory stereo is included as well. Here is what I had written before about the van:


This Weekender was special ordered brand new by its one and only owner from Carter VW in Seattle, WA. He specifically wanted one in Techno blue and waited almost 6 months for it to arrive. The owner is a long time Porsche technician by trade and is EXTREMELY obsessive about his stuff. (My passion other than VW is Porsche and I know the owner as he works on several of my Porsche’s!) He is not the typical prototype of person who owns these; he treated it better than many people treat their children. Whatever it needed, it got. In fact he asked me to sell it for him probably ~9 months ago, but wanted to fix a few minor things before he sold it as he wanted it as perfect as possible!


  • 1-owner (now 2)
  • In Seattle since new, so it has never been exposed to bad weather, road salt, etc.
  • It has never been damaged in any way, 100% original.
  • Full history from new including all service, books, keys, original window sticker, etc.
  • Current Mileage 140,700
  • Transmission replaced at Carter VW at 134,768 miles (5,000 miles ago)
  • Complete with all camping accessories including: window screens, door screens, side curtains, windshield curtain, cooler (working), etc.




The van has been garage kept its entire life and shows it. It has never been in an accident or had any major paintwork. It of course has a clean Carfax. The paint is in great shape with the only two items worth noting being: Rock chips on nose commiserate with mileage; there is a shallow, long impression on the driver’s side middle panel. You can see this in the photos. It would come out with Paintless Ding Repair.




The interior is almost flawless. The owner has no kids or pets and always had the full mats over the carpets. These light interiors so often get stained, this has NONE of that. In fact I haven’t even detailed it, this is how I got it!




The van runs and drives exactly as it should. Everything works including the AC, all power accessories, cruise control, etc. No warning lights. It is wearing a correct set of Nokian load rated tires with loads of tread on them.


A few major items done over the lifetime of the van:


  • 134,768-Transmission replaced at Carter VW
  • 132,632-Replaced water pump, thermostat and coolant vacuum valve
  • 78,304- AC Compressor replaced
  • 76,222- Replaced timing chain, tensioners, rails and sprockets


With the owner being a Porsche technician, he did the majority of his own service, although the items above were done at the VW Dealer. He was fanatical about using OEM parts and having everything done well ahead of schedule.




The owner added the following items:


  • Eurocampers side tent (very cool!)
  • Eurocampers swivel passenger seat
  • Eurocampers Class III trailer hitch and wiring
  • Yakima/Thule Rack Mounts (no crossbars)


Flaws: No vehicle is perfect, so here are the flaws, as I know them:


  • Small rock chips/road wear on hood, bumper and grille commiserate with mileage.
  • Crease in left lower middle side panel (see photos)
  • A few other very minor door dings
  • Passenger heated seat does not heat


The van comes complete with: All the original books and manuals, original brochures, all original keys, original window sticker, all original curtains and screens, rear headrests, Eurocampers side tent , factory touch up paint and more.


Sure you could find a cheaper one, but you couldn’t make a few repairs and ever make it as nice as this one. These are simply iconic vehicles, it would great in your garage!


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