2002 Porsche 996 Turbo- Polar Silver on Boxster Red, 2-owners, full history from new, all original paint, no mods and well optioned $140k MSRP, just 51k miles!

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Porsche’s should be about creating experiences and I am thrilled that a client of mine was able to create amazing memories over the last 2 years with this car! Many of my customers will buy a car and add maybe 1-2k miles/year to them, this client drove this car 20,000 miles since buying it just over 2 years ago, a round of applause please! More importantly he made a massive road trip with his son, visiting a good portion of the western US. He even shared that he likes to verify the “top speed” of any car he buys, so with a wink he shared with me that “Yes, this car will achieve its published top speed”. Now my client is 82 years old but when he told me this story his eyes had the look of a 16 year old kid….

He did not purchase this car from me, but even so I would struggle to find much to fault about it. I am especially taken with the color combination. I have always been a big fan of Polar Silver, now couple it with a Boxster Red Interior? WOW! This car simply jumps off the page…

I just put about 100 miles on the car yesterday and I was quite impressed with the car. It drives exactly like a good 996 Turbo should: fast, comfortable and easy to drive at near license revocation pace. There is no doubt I would prefer a 6-speed manual and there is also no doubt it would be worth more with 3-pedals, but I will have to admit I find the Tiptronic to be surprisingly in keeping with the character of this car. I have always viewed the Turbo models to be the GT version of the 911, as in comfortable, lazy fast. So different in feel from a GT3 or a normally aspirated Carrera. They have effortless thrust from nearly any RPM and just beckon you to drive long stints, one hand on the wheel with the music on. Somedays I have to admit that is the pace I feel like going. You can drive this car at 8 or 9/10th’s and never break a sweat. I can definitely see the appeal…

This car is in really exceptional shape, wearing 100% original paint and showing hardly any defects to bely its 51k miles of use. The interior is likewise pristine with the only notable issue being some cracking/failure of the wood trim on the steering rim, defroster trim and door pocket lids. Its a common issue with either the wood or carbon trim on these. 

I just had the car up on my lift and the engine is nice and dry, the only notable item was a very slight weep at the transmission pan gasket, not even enough to worry about. I gave it an annual service and pronounced it ready to go. The car comes with a complete service history from new. Having spent it’s entire life until 2018 in California means it has never seen inclement weather and shows it. 

The car comes with its original window sticker, full service history, all the original books/manuals, both keys, complete tool kit, air pump and jack. What an amazing car!