2003 Porsche 996 Turbo-Arctic Silver over Black, Painted Hardback sport seats, top 1% example, 12k miles

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This particular 996TT perfectly is a perfect representative example of my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), I took a perfectly great Turbo and just got silly with it. I know most sellers will simply polish it up, maybe change the oil and then make some Instagram worthy pics and proclaim it “Perfect”…. Sadly with my affliction I just can’t do that! So here is the story….

This particular 996 Turbo was delivered new at Porsche of Tacoma and my client purchased it as a Certified Pre-Owned in 2005 when it had just 3,749 miles on it. It has been in climate friendly Washington since birth and has been cherished since. This car was just SO nice when I first laid eyes on it so that I just couldn’t resist going all in….Current mileage 12,209 miles…

For some reason I wanted to make this car a reference standard example, I think it was the realization that it has all the right DNA to be world class and it had ALL the right options and NONE of the silly ones, sadly so many 996 Turbo’s have hideous combinations of options or have almost none at all. Here is how this car was ordered new:

  • Arctic Silver Metallic/Black Full leather interior
  • Sport Seats (SO hard to find on Turbo’s for some reason!)
  • Heated Front Seats-$410
  • Black Mats- $115
  • Sport Seats Painted to Match- $1,495
  • Rear Center Console Painted Exterior Color- $730
  • Porsche Crest in Headrest- $220
  • Exclusive Stainless Exhaust Pipes X54- $765
  • Carbon Door Sills- $780
  • Aluminum Instrument Dials- $855
  • Brake & Shifter Carbon Aluminum- $889

Original MSRP of $124,515

So I was VERY excited about this build, so I decided to dive into the deep end of the pool and cut NO corners:

  • Full major service including: oil and filter, air filter, cabin air filters, fuel filters, transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, brake fluid flush, new wiper blades, new spark plugs, new drive belts, new hatch struts, new battery
  • Complete removal of front and rear bumper covers, lighting, all under trays and fender liners. Dry Ice and clean every nook and cranny then reassemble. Truly silly but it looks so good…
  • Install 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires
  • Install new radio knobs (say NO to sticky!), new drivers side mirror lens (these like to cloud up), new OEM Porsche front spoiler, I even replaced the batteries in the key fobs…
  • Remove original Paint Protection Film (PPF)-the good news is that the paint has always been protected since day 1, so no notable road wear on any surface.
  • Full Detail and Paint Correction

So here is the GOOD news: now when I stand back and look at this car, even I am impressed! It is SO good…. Deep down I think that is the reward for me, a sense of knowing you made something really good truly exceptional. Will I get back the $15k + I just spent and my dozens of hours? Probably not, but what a deal for my buyer. So would you rather have one like this or the typical $300 detail and pretty photos??

A couple other notable items:

  • Clean title, Clean Carfax, Clean DME report and most importantly all original paint!
  • The car comes complete with all books, 2 keys, air pump, tool kit, gloves, jack/bag and window sticker.
  • Quality-for those who have been acquiring cars over a lifetime they know that it is easy to make a car look good, maybe even almost great BUT true greatness lies is ALL of the smallest of details. This is one of those cars; you will marvel at the trim, the nap of the carpets, the lack of fingernail scratches on the inner plastics, the brightness of the lenses… I could go on and on, BUT you KNOW what I am talking about…. Do NOT compare this car to the typical hyped up example…..

There really isn’t much more to say…. Compromise if you would like, but if that word isn’t in your vocabulary this just might be the “one”….