2003 Porsche Boxster-Black on Gray Leather, 5-speed, 61k miles, 320hp 3.6 liter Carrera motor!!

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade…. Who is thirsty?

Twice in this cars life this expression has been a perfect fit, let me explain. In 2010 the owner of this 2003 Boxster suffered the dreaded IMS failure when this car had just 40k miles. After towing the car to his trusted independent and hearing the devastating news his mechanic gave him an estimate to replace the original motor. After reviewing that estimate the owner was ready to proceed forward BUT the mechanic just “happened” to mention that “you know, a 3.6 liter Carrera motor is a near plug and play AND the cost isn’t much more….

Originally equipped with a 2.7 liter, 217hp flat six, this Boxster had oodles of driving charm, handling prowess, intoxicating engine note BUT one would certainly not consider it overpowered by any means. Quick, but not fast, a momentum car if you will. Now with a 3.6 liter 320hp Carrera motor the car went from charming to INTOXICATING…. Not to mention the 987 Cayman exhaust that was used sounds AMAZING! This is the best sounding 986/987 Boxster/Cayman I have ever driven. This IS the 986 Boxster Porsche SHOULD have built, but truth be told they didn’t want their “entry level” car competing with the vaunted 911. The cost to do this conversion in today’s world would be $30k+ not including the car!

Now fast forward to October of 2021 and I was also a frustrated Porsche owner, having been madly working to get my early 928 ready for the Porsche Treffen in Kohler, WI. At the 11th hour I made the decision that I just didn’t feel comfortable with its current status to embark on the 5,000 mile tour. As fate would have it, this car popped up for sale on the PCA.mart and it was located just around the corner from the PCA headquarters. I wouldn’t have looked twice but when I saw 3.6 liter, I was like a crazed teenager, I HAD to have it!

I purchased the car after the seller agreed to bring it by PCA National headquarters and my wife and I flew out to Maryland to pick it up. I did an inspection and service and even recorded a YouTube video for PCA on “What to Inspect Prior to a Roadtrip”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdtGXhXIz6M

I did a quick service, cutting open the oil filter (looked great!) and set off on a 5,000 mile trip across the USA with my wife. We covered 15 States and had an AMAZING (and uneventful!) time. We were even able to do a few parade laps at Road America! Driving this car is SO much fun, frankly if you have never driven a 986 Boxster you would assume this is how all of them come, it’s exactly how a factory car would feel just with a TON more power!

Upon returning I did a whole litany of items including:

  • Oil and filter, dropped oil sump for inspection and both were perfectly clean (feel free to request a photo)
  • New hood struts and wiper blades
  • Replaced scavenge pump o-ring
  • Replace right rear wheel bearing
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • Replaced alarm module and reprogrammed 2 brand new keys
  • Full detail and paint correction at Metropolitan Detail
  • All told I spent just under $6k to get the car fully up to speed

Overall I would consider this car to be a very to very very nice driver. The previous owner had the car from 2002-2021 and really loved the car. I picked it up in October and have driven it over 5,000 miles and frankly should have listed it for sale earlier, BUT I just enjoy driving it! The body and paint are quite nice, however the hood/front bumper do show some rock chips from use. The interior is quite clean, with some wear on the drivers seat bottom, e-brake handle and one mark on the dash where the the previous owner used a suction cup mount for a phone holder. Mechanically I would trust the car to go anywhere (I did!) and everything works as it should including cold AC, cruise control, etc. So like a perfectly broken in pair of jeans, ready to use and enjoy!

I could keep going on but ultimately this is a car you need to DRIVE, not read about! Funny enough I have been driving this car and recently jumped into my 2004 Boxster S and immediately had a sense of inadequacy… Ugh! That just MIGHT be the reason I haven’t listed it for sale…. You couldn’t duplicate this car for anywhere near this price,  so don’t lallygag around…