2003 Porsche GT2-Arctic Silver on Black, $187k MSRP, 100% original with just 10,286 miles. True pure and unadulterated “widow maker!

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The 996 GT2 is bereft of any single stupidity proof, save your ego (and your bacon!) technology. Overcook a corner and the State Patrol just might be knocking on your front door having a tragic conversation with your spouse. It is hairy, ridiculous and frankly is in the DNA of my favorite Porsche’s. Should anyone buy one? NOPE, but do we all want one? YES…
Porsche produced just 317 GT2’s for our market, think of them as a alcohol fueled one night stand between a GT3 and a 996 Turbo. It is one part bad, 2 parts evil and several parts uber rare collectible.
This example is 100% original with just 10,286 miles. No stories or excuses, rarity and stupidity don’t come cheap but lately it actually seems like a bargain when people are paying $100k for worn out 90k mile 964’s….