2004 Jaguar XJ8- Slate Gray over Charcoal leather, meticulously maintained, near flawless!


2004 Jaguar XJ8- Meet “Jenna”

I find people often confuse the terms “empathy” and “sympathy”. Both are nice expressions of caring, but the difference lies in that with “empathy” a person can truly understand how someone feels because they have experienced it themselves. Sympathy just means you acknowledge another’s feelings and attempt to provide comfort.

So why the literary lesson? I buy a LOT of cars from people who are VERY attached to their cars. The car isn’t simply a transportation device, but something that expresses their individuality, represents a dream and is intrinsically linked to positive memories and feelings. I can’t tell you how many times I have come to terms with a seller and they have later backed out having realized they just couldn’t muster the emotional strength to let go.

I now have “empathy” for all of those sellers! The car listed below is one of my personal cars and while its not some amazing or rare Porsche; I truly love it and am very attached! Hence she even has a name: Meet “Jenna the Jaguar”. I hope I can find it a home where someone else will share a similar sentiment. It KILLS me to sell it, but I simply have TOO many cars (yes you can have too many!).

Back up to 2008 and a good friend of mine (Thanks Mark!) kept espousing the great virtue of Jaguars, usually over some or several liquid refreshments! I generally blew him off with the thought that they were unreliable, unremarkable and the later ones were simply rebadged Fords. He twisted my arm and asked me to find one for his wife… Being a car guy meant that if I were going to buy one I better learn all about them. The spec sheet sure looked intriguing; 100% aluminum construction (very rare in 2004 and still rare today) meant a lithe curb weight, 294hp V8, 6-speed ZF gearbox, 4 corner air suspension and a simply gorgeous aesthetic (one thing Jag always did well). Well, I found one for his wife Susan and one drive was all it took for me…

I immediately went on the hunt for one of my own. I purchased this car in August of 2008 in Southern California when it had just 31k on the odometer. One thing I quickly realized about this car is that it draws more compliments and admirers than you can imagine. I literally had the car about 30 days when my parents came to visit and my mom fell head over heels in love with the car, well what is a good son supposed to do? Off she drove in my new Jag and she proceeded to drive the car for the next 5 years until I pried the keys back from her. She was as enamored with the car as I was and being that we share the same DNA she treated it with great care.

So what do I like about this car:

• Stunning car- I literally get a compliment from a stranger weekly in this car! I laugh because its worth less than most used Civics! Usually their tone indicates they think it’s an incredibly exotic and expensive ride! Even my regular customers who know cars are always impressed when I take them for a ride and they are a tough crowd!
• Build Quality- the quality of the paint, leather, trim and wood on this car is impressive. I can’t believe how well it has help up and still feels good to the touch all these years later. Check out the interior, love it!
• Ride Quality- with the 4-corner air-suspension this thing has a simply sublime highway ride, it’s just an amazing car for gobbling up highway miles.
• Road Trip Machine- Along with the ride quality this thing has all the attributes of a great road car. Comfortable seats, whisper quiet interior, great sounding stereo, great highway mpg (30+ at 80+ mph on the I5!), great range (22.5 gallon tank) and is simply effortless for doing 900+ mile days.
• Engine and Gearbox- The 4.2 liter V8 is silky smooth, loves to rev and sounds like a proper normally aspirated V8 when you stick your boot to it. The ZF 6-speed automatic is seamless in operation and always seems to find the right gear. Its happy to cruise at 70 but it is also happy well into the triple digits (not that I personally know…)
• Reliability- Yes, I said it connected to a Jaguar! Like most car people I always bought the stereotype associated with British cars, but I can tell you almost 10 years later this car has had Japanese like reliability, I would trust this car to take me anywhere.

Ok, now you can tell I really like this car… I will give you the other basics:

• 115k miles
• Clean Carfax, never been in any type of accident
• Truly amazing condition, if you know me this car wouldn’t surprise you.
• Fully loaded, my favorite features are the heated seats front and rear and the heated steering wheel.
• 19” OEM Jaguar XFR wheels. I upgraded the original 17” wheels as these look so much better; the originals come with as well.
• 2 sets of floor mats: genuine black Cocomats (shown) and a set of fitted OEM winter rubber mats.
• 3 ring binder containing a complete service history, I have spared no expense in maintaining this car. Current on all service, needs nothing at the moment.
• EVERYTHING works as designed
• Comes with both original keys and all the original books/manuals

Now there is no such thing as a perfect car, so here are the very minor flaws:

• Scuff marks on the RF and LR corners of the bumpers (see photos), as this was my daily driver.
• Headliner is just starting to sag in the very back corners.
• Rear Shelf shows some UV fading.
• Slight nick on trim and one ~1” scratch on the passenger front door.
• Every so often it will give a suspension warning light, has been doing this for ~ 5 years and I have repaired/replaced all the suspect components and I have never actually had an actual suspension issue, but every so often the light comes on.

I think that about sums it up. I don’t think you could find a nicer, more loved car that would look, feel or drive anything like this for less $$. Give me a call and I will see if I think you are the right next owner for “Jenna”!


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