2004 Porsche Boxster S 550 Spyder, GT Silver on Natural Gray, Painted sport seats, 6-speed, 100% original, near flawless and just 22k miles!

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2004 Porsche Boxster “S” 550 Spyder

This is the no stories, no excuses Boxster “S” you have been looking for:

In 2004 Porsche built 1953 limited edition Boxster’s to commemorate the 1953 Porsche 550 Spyder. They built an incredible package, in fact they basically took the entire Boxster option list and put it on this car. 99% of the Boxster’s for sale are fairly lightly equipped, if you buy one of these you get all the options that really make the car but most people didn’t want to pay for new. What a deal! Here is just a basic overview of what is included in this package:

  • GT Silver paint previously reserved for the Carrera GT
  • Highest Horsepower 986 Boxster ever made, 264hp up from 258 on a regular “S”
  • 15% reduction short shifter
  • Sport Exhaust and tailpipe
  • 10mm lower ride height
  • 5mm wheel spacers
  • Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
  • Litronic Headlights
  • 18” Carrera Wheels finished in Seal Gray
  • 4 Piston aluminum brake calipers in an aluminum finish
  • Painted rear engine gills
  • Chrome Plated Boxster “S” badging on the rear deck
  • Dark Gray natural full leather interior
  • GT Silver Painted Seat Backs
  • Heated Sport Seats
  • Perforated leather handbrake lever, shift boot, sport steering wheel.
  • GT Silver center console, radio surround, handbrake and roll bars
  • Chrome plated gauge rings and serial number plaque
  • BOSE Audio and 6-disc CD Changer
  • Trip computer
  • Wind screen

Suffice it to say this is an incredible car, what a difference both the performance and aesthetic upgrades make, this car is a WOW! Now most of the S550’s are the same but there are a few important differences car to car, et me highlight a few:

-Interior Color- These were offered with either Cocoa Brown leather or Dark Gray, the vast majority are the brown (which is wonderful!) but the grey (looks black) is much more rare and I think is aging well!

-Painted Sport Seats- This car has the GT Silver Painted Sport seats, all the 550 cars have the sport seats, but just a few have the painted backs (stand alone option), very cool!

-Cruise Control- Oddly enough the one item that wasn’t standard was cruise control, I think many dealers assumed it was so be careful as quite a few of these don’t have cruise, that would drive me crazy! This one has it!

-6-speed manual- these were also offered with a 5-speed Tiptronic, TRUST me you only want the 6-speed manual version!

-Porsche Communication Management (PCM)- Many of these have the PCM system circa 2004, now 15 years later that is a detriment, get one without it like this one! Overall this is just the RIGHT configuration…

This car is a 3-owner West Coast car owned by a PCA member. The paint is 100% original and there has NEVER been any paintwork of any kind. It has no fade or oxidation whatsoever! No Swirl marks, polished and treated to the highest standard. The interior is likewise excellent.  car has never been smoked in, had kids or pets in it.! There is no such thing as a “perfect” car so the 3 minor imperfections that I can find are: someone closed the doors with the seatbelt buckle in them, so there is a small scratch on the b-pillar (only visible with door open), there are a couple slight dimples on the passenger where maybe someone set something and there is one area on the front bumper cover with a slight wave in it. Overall pretty exceptional, but would rather err on the side of too much detail!

The car has never been in an accident. Clean history, no stories and no excuses. 100% original paint. If you are particular here is your car. The car is completely original. It has covered just 22,xxx miles!

The last time I sold the car (17,800 miles ) I had the following work done:

  • IMS replacement and update with the LN Engineering kit
  • Full major service including oil and filter, brake fluid flush, new drive belts, new spark plugs, transmission fluid service, coolant flush. EVERYTHING was done!
  • 4 New Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires- The best tire you can buy!

Additionally my client wanted to protect the car so he spent $3,000 having 100% of the wear surfaces on the car covered in STEK clear film with no seams. So full hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors and rockers. Drive without concern now!

In case you are not familiar, of the 986 Boxsters (1997-2004) the 2003 and 2004 are the ones to own. Porsche made over 2,000 changes to the car between model year 2002 and 2003. They are obviously too myriad to list here but here are a few highlights:

  • Redesigned softop with a sleeker profile and most importantly a GLASS WINDOW for the very first time. This is a HUGE improvement.
  • Horsepower jumped to 258 for the Boxster S
  • The optional 18” wheels (that this car thankfully has) weigh 23.76 lbs LESS than last year’s 18” wheels. That makes unbelievable difference in unsprung weight and handling.
  • They added a real glove box, hard to believe they didn’t have one before, but now they do!
  • Much improved cup holders; you know how important those are!

I would doubt there is a better 550 Boxster anywhere!