2004 Porsche GT3- Arctic Silver on Black, $129,685 MSRP LOADED, Full history from new, Full XPEL, Welded Pipes, literally as new, 28k miles

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2004 Porsche GT3-28,450 miles


In the Porsche world there seems to be an ever widening chasm between enthusiasts deeply entrenched in the analogue/purist camps and those relishing the latest technological marvels and resulting insane performance envelope. Certainly that chasm seemingly can’t be more far apart when at an event you cross paths with a young Gen-Z sporting a beard and a patina’d 1959 356A Coupe and the Boomer piloting his new 2019 GT2 RS. Somewhere in the middle lie just a few cars that seemingly straddle this nether region of the Porsche moderates… I can think of just of few examples, yet none that fit better than a 996 GT3. Why?


  • Traditional Mezger based flat-six enjoys the robust heritage of its forefathers, the “buzzword” collectability inherent with that nomenclature and yet makes 375hp at 7,400 rpm and has the most thrilling auditory soundtrack of the near modern Porsche world. This power output literally dwarfs any prior Mezger…
  • Acronym free- No PSM, PASM, PDK, PTV, AEM, PDCC, etc.. If you can’t actually drive, this car will both embarrass and kill you…
  • Frill free- No sunroof, rear seats, navigation, Bluetooth and a host of other crap that would impinge on your ability to really DRIVE… Sensing a theme here?
  • Truly no compromise…. Technology is great; it allows us to achieve things that were seemingly impossible. If you drive the latest Porsche GT cars they not only make insane power, but also have levels of handling and braking that will simply compress your eyeballs. That is all coupled in a package that rides smoothly enough not to cause your spouse to hit the eject button and they can make a reasonable facsimile as a daily driver. That is NOT the case with a 996 GT3, this car would make a TERRIBLE daily driver… The suspension is stiff enough that your chiropractor will be on speed dial, the gearbox is notchy and noisy until your 20 minutes into an aggressive driving set and the idle will make you harken back to your muscle car days. Civilized its NOT, but DEAR GOD when driven in anger it is MAGICAL… What do you want?

So now that I have either stoked your desire to own a 996 GT3 or made you run in terror, here is why you should buy THIS GT3:

  • Original Build and Specification
  • History
  • Service
  • Quality

This is the most loaded 996 GT3 I have even seen; here is how it was ordered new:

  • Base Price- $99,900
  • Arctic Silver Metallic- $825
  • Black Full leather- $2,920
  • Xenon Headlamps- $1,090
  • Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes (PCCB)- $8,150
  • Cruise Control- $570
  • Key Pouch Interior Color- $95
  • Full power sport seat left- $1,220
  • Full power sport seat right- $1,220
  • Carbon Package small- $2,120
  • Rear Center Console Carbon- $1,625
  • 3-spoke steering wheel Carbon- $1,535
  • Painted Seat backs Arctic Silver- $1,495
  • Lowered Seats 10mm- $705
  • Yellow Seat Belts- included
  • Inner sill release in leather- $585
  • Porsche Floor mats-$425
  • Carbon Door Sills- $780
  • Aluminum Dials- $855
  • Brake/Shifter in Carbon Aluminum- $880
  • Deviated Stitching seats- $335
  • Deviated Stitching Doors and Dash- $290

Total MSRP- $129,685!


This GT3 was sold new on July 24th, 2004 at Desert European Motorcars in Palm Desert, CA. The original owner did a 2-year lease thru Porsche and purchased the car out of the lease, holding it until November of 2013 and 11,746 miles. My client purchased the car from Rusnak Porsche and had the car shipped to his home in NC. I purchased the car from him at the end of 2015 when it had just over 18k miles. I sold it to another longstanding (and VERY OCD… wait for it…) client and I just took it back on trade for a 2014 991 Turbo S.


I have a complete history from new to current and it has received impeccable care! For fun, just check out the color-coded spreadsheet my client maintained on the car! Yes, he really is that obsessed! A few notable and key items:

  • 4 new Michelin N-Spec Pilot Super Sports installed at 27,900 miles
  • Current on all services, has been obsessively maintained
  • Coolant Pipes Welded at 11,889 miles


The car has never been damaged in any fashion, has 100% original paint (paint meter verified) and is almost completely wrapped in XPEL Paint Protection film. EVERYTING on the car is covered except the doors and part of the roof! As a result the paint and body look like new! The Carfax is of course clean.

The interior is likewise like new. I have never seen a 996 GT3 optioned like this car. One of the complaints about the 996 era cars is the interior didn’t look rich enough for many consumers, that is NOT the case on this car. Between the full leather, deviated stitching, carbon fiber and painted accents this interior simply pops, it’s a show stopper!

Mods/Track Time/Over-Revs:

Whenever you are selling a GT3 the question about the three items always come up, so lets answer them:

The car has the following modifications:

  • Center Console Delete (comes with the car)
  • XPEL clear fim
  • RSS Front Toe Bump Steer Kit (originals included)
  • RSS Rear Toe Kit (originals included)
  • Rennline Tie Down/Jack Pads (great for jacking these cars up without damaging them!)

Track Time:

  • Owner 2 & 3 did 5-6 PCA Drivers Education (DE) events with the car, no racing.


  • 4,013 Stage 1 at 522 hours (~7.7 seconds). On a 996 this is the rev-limiter under 8,800 rpm.
  • Zero Stage 2. On a 996 this is a mechanical over-rev (over 8,800 rpm) such as a mis-shift.

Hopefully after reading this I have both answered all the key questions and most importantly have helped you decide you need a 996 GT3 in your garage… You won’t regret it…