2007 Porsche 997 Turbo-Arctic Silver on Stone Grey Full Leather, 6-speed, adaptive sport seats, $130k MSRP, 7,098 original miles and so perfect its almost eery…

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I am blessed to have wonderful parents (who actually watch my site) BUT I do have a small beef with them… Apparently, they didn’t tell me that my identical twin was out there in the world and his name is “Ted”. How do I know he is my long-lost twin? Because when I went to inspect his 997 Turbo it is the first time, I have EVER looked at a car where I literally decided it didn’t need ANYTHING to meet my standard. Standing in his garage discussing cars he was my car spiritual doppelgänger. He is as obsessed as I am, and it shows with this Turbo. As we were regaling each other with stories of this affliction, I almost felt like his stories were my stories…

So, if you suffer debilitating car OCD and are lusting after a 997 Turbo that is as close to new as one could find, this is the one! I am 100% certain you could find a cheaper one, so if price is your primary driver, read no further. If, however you think like Ted and I think, keep reading….

Here is how this 997 Turbo was ordered:

Base Price $122,990

  • Arctic Silver Metallic Exterior
  • Stone Grey Full Leather Interior
  • Heated Seats- $480
  • Sport Chrono Package- $1,840
  • Floor Mats in Interior Color- $115
  • Trim Strip Painted Exterior Color- $520
  • Painted Rear Model Designation- $130
  • Adaptative Sport Seats-$1,145
  • Door Entry Guards in Stainless Steel- $415
  • Seat Belts in Silver-$540
  • Footrest in Aluminum- $250
  • Storage Compartment lid Turbo- $293
  • Destination- $795

Total Original MSRP: $129,513

With that intro it goes without saying that the exterior of this car is without reproach. It of course has 100% original paint (both Ted and I obsess over this…) and has never been damaged in any fashion as verified by my personal inspection, a paint meter and the Carfax. The entire front end has been covered in Paint Protection Film (PPF) since new, but products have improved since 2007, so it was carefully removed and new STEK film was installed by the experts at Metropolitan Detail. There are no seams, edges or flaws. Even the front spoiler which always gets damaged is near new on this car, demonstrating the care it has received.

The interior is likewise pristine, none of the bolster wear commonly seen on the Sport seats, nor the threshold wear from shoes nor any other ticky-tacky type of wear. It is crisp, clean and smells like a new car.

Mechanically the car is 100% ready to go. Everything works as designed. Here are the most recent service items, let’s just call is “over-serviced” ….

  • 5,992-complete major service at the Porsche dealer including oil and filter, air filter, cabin air filter, brake fluid flush, 4 new Michelin 4S Tires, new wiper blades
  • 6,451- Oil and Filter, recode spare key
  • 6,822 oil and filter, cabin air filter, brake fluid flush, change differential oil, change transmission fluid.

Now lest you think I am bloviating about perfection, NO car is perfect, especially not a 13-year-old car but this is pretty close. When you come see the car it will be a test of whether you are Ted and I’s “triplelgänger” and can spot the minutiae… If you have been looking and it sounds as if I have written about you, reach out, you won’t be disappointed.