2007 Volvo V70R-Sonic Blue on Blue Nordkap, literally likely the nicest V70R extant, literally ridiculous, just 38k miles


39k-Mile 2007 Volvo V70R


I am a wagon fanatic, in fact it raises my blood pressure when I simply ponder how the SUV has put a stranglehold on the market. The wagon is the ultimate expression of utility, yet for some reason the majority of consumers view an SUV as cool and a wagon as not…. Oddly enough, within the car enthusiast space there is a rabid following for certain “hot” wagons and near the top of the heap is the Volvo V70R. The problem as a car enthusiast is that most wagons, Volvo’s especially tend to be used as designed, so if you are particular like me, where does one find a CVLC quality wagon??

Well here is a true unicorn! This car was special ordered new by its original owners for factory delivery and they used it for a 5,000 mile European tour which they captured in a bound book. Traveling thru all the major European countries and even exploring the factory 155mph speed governor on the Autobahn means they really got to appreciate what I car they had just bought. These owners loved and cherished this car until a local client and neurotic Volvo fanatic bought it. He has asked me to “re-home” it and while you might be surprised to see a non-Porsche on my site, this car is simply bonkers! How could I not want to be involved….

I have submitted the car to Bring a Trailer, as this Unicorn would be so hard to put a correct market value on, but in the meantime I will tease you with some fun photos. Reach out if you have an interest!


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