2008 Porsche 997 Carrera Cabriolet- Midnight Blue Metallic over Stone Grey, 6-speed manual, nicely optioned, 4-year service just completed, very special history w/ just 28k miles-$43,995

Nature vs. Nurture…. How much of WHO we are is baked into our DNA and how much is our upbringing? As a father of 4 I am firmly convinced nature plays a bigger part; now that each of my kids are young adults I can clearly see personality traits that were present from birth. I think our job as parents is to help round off a few sharp edges and celebrate and support each as the individual they are. So why are you reading about my parenting thoughts on a CAR ad??

I am firmly convinced I came into this world with my peculiar love for cars and a near obsessive level of detail towards understanding their history, how they work and how they should be cared for. Having two amazing parents it is evidently clear this portion of my DNA came from my Dad… Even today if you go over to my parents home you won’t find a blade of grass out of place. My Dad is just that way… We share so much of this…. Thankfully my Mom provides a balance to this strong Merz male DNA… So again WHY am I reading about this?

One of the greatest blessings in this amazing car journey that I have been on is sharing it with my Dad. Over the last many years I have helped him find the next and fun Porsche. It seems as though ~ 4 years he gets the itch for something new, so back in 2019 I found a car I knew was PERFECT for him! It was a gorgeous, 1-owner 2008 997 Cabriolet that had just 14k miles. It was literally a NEW car and since the original owner was also a client meant there were no mysteries. The only hiccup in this plan was that I like my Dad to have something a little special, I mean his son specializes in Porsche, he simply can’t have an off the shelf example… So I decided to put a little of my secret sauce on his car, here is what we did:

  • Installed an OEM Set of 19” Carrera Sport Wheels- I LOVE the Seal Grey Centers with the machined lips, just a great look on this car.
  • Installed a set of H&R Springs to bring it down to RS +10mm ride height, the way it hunkers down over the Carrera sport wheels….
  • Installed an OEM Sport Exhaust and tips- This car sounds SO good!
  • Rear Badge Delete
  • Clear front markers
  • Painted center console and dash trim strips in Midnight Blue Metallic- makes the interior pop!
  • Coco Mats in Black/Grey-not pictured, need to wait until its not raining for some new pics!
  • 100% of the front of the car covered in STEK Paint Protection Film (PPF) with no seams! Full hood, bumper, and both fenders.
  • Full major service: Oil and Filter, New Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, 6 new spark-plugs, New Drive Belts, Brake Fluid Flush

I am THRILLED with how the car turned out and my Dad has loved the past 4 years. In fact him and I caravanned from Seattle to Palm Springs this year for the Porsche Parade, owning these cars is about creating memories! This is a memory I will always cherish!

During his ownership we have maintained it for him and I will give it another full major service for the next owner! No cutting corners here! Current mileage is 28,560.

Some historical details about the car and some of the reasons I told my Dad this WAS the car to buy. A client of mine purchased this car brand new at Rusnak Porsche in Pasadena, CA and immediately shipped it to the their home in Boise, ID. It had just over 14k original miles and had never been damaged in any way. The perfect basis for someone for me to sprinkle some secret sauce on, my Dad has LOVED every mile with this car! I just sold him a 981 and he will get to have another Porsche experience.  

Here is how it is optioned:

-Midnight Blue Metallic- $690

-Metropol Blue Top

-Stone Grey Leather

-6-speed manual transmission!

-Power Seat Package- $1,550

-Bi-Xenon Headlights- $1,090

-Self Dimming Mirrors- $385

-Heated Seats- $500

-BOSE Audio- $1,390

Total Original MSRP- $90,535

This car is without reproach aesthetically, mechanically and historically. The car comes complete with:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • Full Service history from new to current
  • 2 original keys
  • All books and manuals
  • 2 sets of floor mats (OEM and Coco)
  • Fitted OEM Car Cover
  • OEM exhaust, springs, orange markers

Do you want to be this cars next caretaker? Go create some memories of your own!


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