2009 Porsche 987.2 Boxster- Macadamia Metallic/Cocoa Top over Sand Beige Leather, PDK, Sport Chrono, Full power seats, Bluetooth and Sound Package, full Porsche service history, like new with just 46k miles

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2009 Porsche 987.2 Boxster

One of the best parts of owning your own business is your decisions aren’t subjected to anyone else’s opinions or dictates. When I opened 13 years ago one of my core values was only buying and selling cars I like, which means if you see it listed on my site I have a particular affinity for that car. As a car enthusiast I simply wasn’t interested in just selling transportation or anything simply because it was profitable, I wanted to sell cars I LOVED. I figured if I loved them certainly somebody else would feel similar…

Why do I tell you this? Simply because I LOVE this Boxster! Why??

  • Color- this car comes in the unusual shade of Macadamia Metallic with a Cocoa Brown convertible top. It’s simply a stunning shade that is in equal parts reserved yet daring, elegant yet when the sunlight captures its brilliance, radiant. Couple that with the Sand Beige interior and you have a winner!
  • 987.2- for those who aren’t familiar Porsche gives internal names to each model and generation. For the Boxster they have come in 5 generations: 986 1997-2004, 987 2005-2008, 987.2 2009-2012, 981 2013-2016 and 718 2017 to current. The 987 is a brilliant car and the 2ndgeneration, which launched in 2009 improved on that car in every way. The single biggest change is the new family of motors (9A1) that no longer used the problematic IMS bearing! While that issue can be addressed on earlier Boxsters, not having that as a possibility gives a huge piece of mind, saves significant maintenance expense and will insure strong resale value down the road.
  • PDK and Sport Chrono- The PDK 7-speed automated manual launched for 2009 and is simply a BRILLIANT piece of engineering. It is so smooth its uncanny, yet will change gears faster than you can blink. The only issue with the PDK is that Porsche locked up the best shifting algorithms’ (including launch control) exclusively to those who ordered the Sport Chrono package, which very few Boxsters seem to have. Luckily this car has that option, don’t buy one without it! 
  • 9A1- 2.9-liter motor- This motor was all new for 2009 and on this Boxster displaces 2.9 liters and makes 255hp. The best part of this motor is that it is the last Porsche to not have direct injection, of which the earliest varieties caused some issues with carbon build up in the engines. So this is the best of both worlds, no IMS bearing and no Direct Injection, which makes it the most reliable late model Porsche! Now couple that with more horsepower than the original Boxster S and a nearly 7500 rpm redline and you have pure Porsche magic!
  • History- As you know I obsess over where my cars come from, who owned them and who worked on them. This car was sold new at Rusnak Porsche in Pasadena, CA and was later sold as a Porsche Certified (CPO) vehicle when it had 13k miles to a very conscientious local PCA member who maintained it impeccably at Sunset Porsche. The car comes complete with a full service history and is current on all service.
  • Condition- This Boxster looks and drives like a new one. It features 100% original paint, has a perfect Carfax and has never been damaged in any way. The interior is likewise spotless. The only flaws would be some road wear on the hood commiserate with mileage, some light wear on the drivers bolster and the e-brake handle. It’s remarkable!

To make sure the car was ready for sale, the following items have been completed in the last 300 miles:

  • Full service and inspection including oil/filter and brake fluid flush. 
  • New Rear brakes
  • New rear tires (N-spec Michelin Pilots). Fronts are also N-Spec Michelins replaced 4k miles ago.
  • The only item noted was a faulty temp sensor on the transmission, which was also replaced.
  • Complete detail by the masters at Metropolitan Detail (www.metropolitandetail.com)

The car comes complete with the following:

  • All the original books and manuals
  • Both original Keys
  • Complete and unused tool kit and tire inflation kit
  • Factory Porsche Battery maintainer

I could go on for days about this car, suffice it to say this is an amazing Porsche and would make an amazing addition to any car enthusiasts’ garage!