2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder-Carrera White over Black leather/Alacantara- 6-speed manual, Carbon buckets, sport exhaust, sport shifter, this is THE purest sports car in modern Porsche history, 64k miles, gorgeous!

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One of the reasons I love older Porsche’s so much can be summarized by one word: purity… A car can be mere transportation or it can be one of the modern marvels that whisks you to your destination with barely an input from the driver. For me driving has never been about getting from point A to B, but about creating an experience, a connection between man, machine and nature. For a car to stir my soul I must feel connected to it, creating that connection without the modern fuzzy barriers of electric steering, stability control, adaptive braking, automated transmissions and various driving aids has become increasingly difficult. Even in the midst of this occasionally a car company is able to break out of the mold and create a car that plants you directly into the literal center of the driving connection Venn diagram. The 987.2 Boxster Spyder IS that car…

The car is even famous, watch my YouTube video that features this EXACT car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlrrM_n_nHk

Looking thru the photos of this car you will notice they are not just my typical static, all taken at once, posed for sale photos but are actually photos taken over time. Why is that? Simply that when I took this car back on trade from a longtime client I simply couldn’t let it go. From the first moment I picked it up from his home I simply could not stop driving it. To me it combined what I love most about the air-cooled 911 with the mid-engine dynamics and open top configuration of a 914 coupled with modern convenience and performance envelope. For 9 months this car stayed in my personal garage until a longtime client pried the keys from my fingers! I just got the car back and am looking forward to finding the next enthusiast who will LOVE the car. I will be giving it a an annual service, full detail and installing a new OEM Windshield (small crack just formed at the bottom….).

Here are the basic details on this car:

Build Configuration- This IS the configuration that is both the most valuable AND the one to have: 6-speed manual, sport buckets, sport exhaust and sport shifter! The PDK is an amazing transmission, but it just tips it over into the “too easy, too good” category and defeats the mission of this car! Buy the manual, you wont regret it!

Options: The car was build with the following options: Bi-Xenon Headlights, Sound Package Plus, Automatic Climate control, Sport Chrono, Dials and Sport Chrono in White, Sport Exhaust. It also had the factory sport shifter installed after the fact. Total original MSRP was $70,820. I also LOVE that this car is in the iconic color combination that Porsche did all the advertising and marketing with, somehow the Carrera White with the Black Porsche lettering just looks so right…

Condition: This car has always been enthusiast owned and it shows. It is remarkably nice and clean everywhere you look. It isn’t my Condition #1, fully detailed chassis type car, but your really nice Condition 2/3 park in the front row at the Cars and Coffee then go for a spirited drive type of condition. I would be proud to take this car anywhere!

History: The car is a three-owner car, sold new at Pacific Porsche in Torrance, CA where it remained until 2016 when my client purchased it from the original owner. It was exclusively serviced at the Porsche dealer and then later at Akers, a longtime Porsche independent service shop in Seattle. I sold the car in 2020 and just got it back. The Carfax is of course clean and it has never been in any type of accident or damaged. I have a complete history from new.

Service- The car has been well maintained since new and comes with a complete service history. It most recently received the full 60k mile service including all fluids, belts, plugs, etc. plus brakes (pads, rotors & sensors) all the way around. It needs nothing! Additionally these 987.2 era cars have almost no known foibles that affect the earlier 986 & 987 cars such as the IMS bearing, RMS, etc. They are the sweet spot for sure! Current mileage is just over 64k.

Included Items- The car comes with a complete history, all the original books and manuals, 2 original keys, tools, rear windscreen pouch, 2 sets of mats (winter + summer), Porsche battery maintainer, original window sticker and more.

The Top-much has been written about the Boxster Spyder’s top. Having spent the past 9 months with it I can universally say it is probably second only to the exhaust note in terms of what I LOVE about this car. Sure people complain that it is some engineers’ sadistic attempt at humor, but I actually find the process of installing the top somehow emotionally engages me to the car. It’s a multistep process with each piece being a marvel of engineering as you handle the carbon fiber header panel; yes the top header on this top is CARBON FIBER and weighs 46lbs LESS than the standard Boxster top. Even more important that is 46lbs from the top of the car, lowering the center of gravity…. Not to mention it is just flat sexy with the top up, how often does a convertible look just as good top up as top down??

Reviews- I could write bad prose for days about what I think about this car, but why not just let you read what the automotive press had to say. Here is a great summary by the writers at Automobile magazine: https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2011-porsche-boxster-spyder-editors-notebook/

So enough talk, if you LOVE driving I cant recommend a modern Porsche more than this car. Move quick!