2011 Porsche GT3 RS

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2011 Porsche GT3 RS-6,600 miles!

2011 Porsche GT3-RS

I have been incredibly blessed to have both owned and sold some AMAZING cars. Even with all these a few cars top the list. This officially is my FAVORITE car that I have EVER sold. Have a seat, now I am just going to ramble on about how simply UNBELEIVABLE this car is…

If you are reading this you probably already know everything there is to know about the 997.2 GT3 RS. Suffice it to say I think it represents a zenith point for a street driven Porsche. In particular it checks every box that makes a Porsche special to me: intoxicating sound, raw, challenging ,aggressive, slightly obnoxious and just a pure drivers tool. Sure there are cars that are faster, there are certainly cars more comfortable but is there anything that creates a more emotional connection between man and machine? I think not…

So any GT3 RS is a very special piece, if you own one consider yourself blessed! Why is this one just a little more special? It’s 1 of 2 GT3 RS’ built in Paint to Sample (PTS) Zanzibar Orange. If you aren’t familiar with the color, Porsche added it to the Palate in 2001 and it was available until 2003. I remember seeing a new 996TT in Zanzibar and just being smitten. It also helps that I have a particular affinity for Orange… I am a big fan of the “pumpkin” 997.1 GT3 RS’s, but this color is a warm, metallic orange that just seems to pick up the glow of later afternoon light, it’s surreal.  It just works with the flared fenders and the gold graphics. It looks amazing in photos, but in person it absolutely stops traffic!

Here is it’s history:

The car was special ordered new by a long standing PCA member and client of mine in Louisville, KY. He had originally ordered the car in early 911 “Signal Yellow” but apparently that color was turned down by Porsche AG. He then switched it to “Zanzibar Orange”, as much as I love Signal Yellow I am glad he did! I purchased the car from him in January of 2015 and sold it to a very good customer and friend. He recently decided to move and the car is not suitable for his new more remote location, so now you might be the next owner…

Here is how it was ordered:

  • Paint to Sample- $5,500
  • PCM 3.0 w/ Extended Navigation- $3,110
  • Sound Package Plus- $700
  • Universal Audio Interface- $345
  • Rear Center Console Exterior Color- $730
  • Silver Seat Belts- $340
  • Door Entry Guards Stainless Illuminated- $895

Total Original MSRP- $149,370

The following items were added immediately:

  • 3M Protection Film- Front bumper, half hood, fenders, behind wheels, rockers, mirrors
  • GMG World Challenge Harness bar in Satin Black
  • Rennline Fire Extinguisher
  • OZ Ultraleggera Centerlook wheels w/ Michelin Pilot Sport Cup N1
  • ¾” Torque wrench and tools for changing the Center Lock wheels

The car has seen 5-6 DE Days over its lifetime, one look around the car will tell you it didn’t get pushed too hard (seems almost a shame, this car screams to be unleashed!)  Not to mention the near flawless over-rev report. I am happy to share that with a potential buyer.

The car has been serviced well above standard. Here is what has been done:

  • 1,074 miles- Break in oil and filter change
  • 1,911 miles- Oil and filter
  • 3,629 miles- Oil and filter, brake fluid flush
  • 3,893- Oil and filter, all recalls done
  • 4,263- Oil and Filter
  • 5,588 Oil and filter

The care comes complete with all of the following:

  • Original window sticker
  • All original ordering and purchase paperwork
  • Full service history
  • All books and manuals
  • 2 original keys
  • Spare set of wheels and tires(listed above)

The car is like new in all respects, no paintwork, no stories, clean Carfax, etc.

Porsche only built 543 997.2 GT3 RS cars, the majority of which are in the “standard” colors of White, Grey Black or Aqua Blue. Roughly 10% of the cars were PTS and we know there is just one other Zanzibar car, a 2010 model. This is the car that if you don’t buy you will be telling your buddies “Back in 2016 I could have bought a PTS GT3 RS, but I didn’t’”… Don’t be that guy!