2013 Mercedes CLS63 AMG- 516hp!Diamond white on Black leather, $102k new and just 41k miles!


2013 Mercedes CLS63 AMG

For whatever reason I have always been a German car fan, being a German car fan typically connotes a certain love of smaller displacement, higher revving cars that might not win an absolute horsepower war but combine the total package of delicious steering, high handling limits and power plants oozing with smooth revving personality. This does mean that historically I have not had the benefit of the good old-fashioned big displacement V8. While not an American car fan, there is a certain appeal of tire smoking torque, a lumpy idle and burbling exhaust…

Enter the CLS63 AMG… This Mercedes is literally crammed to the firewall with 5.5 liters of twin-turbo V8, which cranks out 518 horsepower and 516 lb./ft. of torque! This thing is just plain STUPID! One press of the Start button and women and children cry! At full crack the 7-speed wet clutch auto snaps off a shift that would impress your buddy running a 10-second pro-street Chevelle! Now here is the amazing part… Throw this car into a corner and surprise… She handles too! For too long AMG meant amazing motor with so-so suspension development. This car has amazing steering and goes exactly where you point it. For even more fun put it in AMG mode, disable the stability control, load it up into the corner, at the apex give a generous jab with your right foot, dial in a little opposite lock and pull off a drift that would impress a twenty year old resident of Tokyo. Can you tell I like this car…. Now the best part is this is all combined in a gorgeous package that is both comfortable and elegant, equally at home at the office, country club or your local Cars and Coffee.

The sad part is that 2013 is the last year you could get the CLS63 in rear wheel drive, all the newer models have mandatory 4MATIC all wheel drive. Sure it can put down the power in the wet, but it RUINS the playful nature of this car, not to mention adds unneeded weight! Give me big torque and RWD, God bless being able to steer with my right foot! If you agree with me, this is the one to buy!

For the gear heads reading this, here are the stats:

• 0-60 3.8 Seconds!
• 0-100 8.5!
• ¼ mile 12.0 @121 mph
• 174 mph Top speed (governor)
• .91g
• The best part- 13-mpg EPA city! Life is short…

Here is how the CLS63 was ordered:

• Diamond White Metallic- $720
• Premium 1 Package- $3,690
• 19” AMG Forged Twin Spoke Wheels- $1,000
• Lane Tracking Package- $850

CLS63 Total Original MSRP- $102,235

This car was sold new at Mercedes Benz of Lynwood and is nearly without flaw inside or out! You know how particular I am, but I have crawled over literally every inch of this car and it’s close to new. It is 100% stock and original with the exception of clear film added to all wear surfaces such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, door edges, mirrors, etc. It has covered just 41,700 miles.

Now before you think I have lost my marbles and simply don’t know what this car is worth, it does have a SALVAGE title. The car had an impact in the front right corner that damaged the bumper cover, headlight and the right front fender. Believe it or not 100% of the sheet metal on the car is original! There is one area less that 12” of size on the front right fender where you can detect on the paint meter that its been repaired, the rest of the paint on the car is 100% original. The rest of the parts were sourced from Mercedes Benz and I have the receipts and photos showing the damage, feel free to ask for them and I will send them over. As a general rule I tell my customers to NEVER buy a salvage title car, but I guess rules are meant to be broken as a great friend of mine who does all my Porsche paint and restoration repaired this car. He is the most particular guy I know and he is the ONLY guy I trust to work on my personal show cars, I can give no higher testimony than that! The car is truly the most pristine car you will ever find and you can buy it for less than ratty examples with 100k miles on them.

A simply amazing car, come down and take a look at this CLS63 AMG!

Here is a pretty comprehensive review of the car I found, great overview:


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