2013 Mercedes GL550 Diamond White on Special Order Almond Beige/Black Leather


2013 Mercedes GL550

Can a family car manage to juggle the various tasks required of a family hauler yet spark the true love and admiration of a dyed in the wool car enthusiast? Yes, if the car is a Mercedes GL550. This has been our family car for the past while and I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this car!

Let me give you an example… We are on a family vacation; wife, 3 kids and enough luggage to survive a trip around the world loaded in the car. Distronic cruise is set WELL above the posted limit but traffic is light and the 2-lane road is remote… My seat is warmed to my liking, I have the massage function set to slow and vigorous (my favorite of the 4 massage settings), satellite radio is playing my favorite station (34-Lithium) and the outside world is barely a remote whisper. My wife is surfing Facebook in the passenger seat, hardly aware of my heady pace when we approach a row of 3 Semi’s… I check ahead, the coast is clear and I dip my toe into the deep well of power from the twin turbocharged V8. I summon all of the 429 horsepower and 516lb ft. of torque as I move into the left lane. The wastegates snap closed, the V8 comes to life and the electronic speedometer is literally jumping in double-digit increments. No fuss, no drama, but just a jet like thrust; before I know it my youngest yells out “Dad, you doing 1XXmph!” (Actual number hidden to protect the guilty) to which my wife yells “Slow the H*#! Down!”. I can’t wipe the smirk off my face… Have you ever had that much fun driving your family on vacation? I don’t think so…

Ok enough rambling, here are the pertinent details:

This GL was special ordered new at McCurley Mercedes Benz in Kennewick, WA and has a configuration of options and colors only available via custom order. Here is how it was specified:

  • Mercedes Diamond White Exterior
  • Almond Beige/Black Leather (w/ deviated black carpets) only available via order (GORGEOUS!)
  • Brown Satin Ash Trim (Special Order)
  • Parktronic w/ Active Park Assist
  • Heated Steering wheel
  • Trailer Hitch (7500 lb. rating)
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Night View Assist
  • Heated Washer System
  • Accessory Chrome Package
  • Driver Assistance Package- Distronic, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keep Assist

Total Original MSRP- $94,305

If you are shopping for one of these, I would only buy a 550 (or a 63 if you have NO budget!), as they are much better equipped than the normal GL350 or GL450. I especially love the AMG styling package that comes standard on these. Not to mention 516lb ft. of torque…

This GL is like new inside and out, has never been damaged in any way, has a clean Carfax, is current on all service and comes complete with a full service history from new. It has only been serviced at Mercedes Benz and is ready for your next road trip. It has just less than 85k miles on it. You will note it is currently wearing a set of Black 20” wheels with a set of Nokkian Winter Tires (the best winter tire extant!) but it also comes with the original 21” AMG Sport Wheels with Summer tires (see photos).

Come buy this dream rig for 1/3 of its original price! Why suffer the doldrums of a domestic SUV or heaven forbid a minivan when you can transport your family in style and satisfy your inner car passion!


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