2013 Porsche Panamera GTS-Black on Cognac Full Leather, Tineo wood trim, 20″ RS Spyder wheels, BOSE, LCA, Entry and Drive, Park Assist w/ camera, sport exhaust, 430hp V8, $122k MSRP, 49k miles, gorgeous!

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I often get labeled a “purist” and somehow then people make assumptions about which Porsche’s I would like vs. ones that I might scoff at. Sadly, this isn’t an accurate assessment at all, while it is true that I am passionate about Porsche history and things being “right” it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a model or configuration which falls outside the realm of the norm. I say this as many of my customers would have assumed I was aghast when Porsche introduced the Cayenne and then later the Panamera. While I will be honest, it took me awhile to get my head around the concept, now I full appreciate that something can be both FULLY Porsche and yet not just be a purpose built sports car.

Now with that said, I will be honest…. I don’t love every configuration and some speak to me. In the Panamera world oddly I really like two models: The base 6-cylinder model as its just a nice and comfortable, eminently usable car AND the GTS as it has all those same qualities but has a normally aspirated 430hp V8 which coupled with the sport exhaust sounds brilliant! Now toss in the Turbo suspension tuning and you have 4-door Porsche magic! Why not the Turbo you ask? Frankly, I’m a normally aspirated, rev it to redline type of guy and this car LOVES that! If you are looking for a daily driver, long road trip machine that likes to dance, this IS your car!

Here are the specs on this particular GTS:

  • Black Exterior
  • Full Natural Leather in Cognac
  • Tineo Wood Trim
  • 20″ RS Spyder Wheels
  • Lan Change Assist
  • Wheel Caps with Colored Crests
  • Seat Ventilation
  • Porsche Entry and Drive
  • Park Assist front and rear with camera
  • Power Steering Plus
  • BOSE Sound
  • SiriusXM
  • CD Changer
  • 14-way seats with memory package
  • Porsche Crests front and rear seats

Total Original MSRP $122,195

I took this Panamera in on trade for an air-cooled 911, with my client purchasing it as a Certified Pre-Owned in 2017 when it had just over 31k miles. I have a complete service history during this time with work either being done at Sunset Porsche or a well regarded Porsche independent in Portland. He recently had the whole front bumper cover replaced and refinished as it was showing wear/tear from use and low parking curbs, so it looks near flawless. I just had the car fully detailed by the team at Metropolitan Detail and it is going in for its annual service in the next few days. The car is wearing 100% original paint on all body panels, has a clean Carfax and is very clean inside and out. This is a GTS you would be proud to own.

Come see why the GTS is considered to be the “ideal” Panamera!