2016 Porsche 911R-6-speed, White on Red Graphics, Single Mass Flywheel, Axle Lift, no stories, 918 original miles!

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2016 Porsche 911R-#375/991- 918 miles!

To quote then head of Porsche’s GT series production, Andreas Preuninger at the 2013 Geneva Auto Shows world introduction of then then new 991 GT3: “There’s no chance of a manual. We don’t want to offer too many options on our GT cars. And if you’ve got a manual and a PDK you’ve got to have different set-ups for the suspension, the aero, the tyres, everything. We are a small team and can only concentrate on one car.”

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it isn’t akin to Coca Cola introducing “New Coke” merely to cause enough controversy in the marketplace to create a groundswell for the “Original”… Needless to say the reaction among the faithful was strong and strident, while most would concede that a PDK is technically “superior” that a manual is more spiritually “Porsche”. But Porsche held their ground and kept the party line “No more manual transmission GT cars…”.

And then as if to really FIRE UP the masses they dropped THIS car, the 911R…. Not only did it feature the almighty 3rd pedal but it was offered to just 991 customers and was first offered to just their VIP clients who purchased 918’s…. To make matters worse the 911R wasn’t simply a manual transmission GT3 but featured an amazing array of bespoke parts, technology and finishes and people nearly lost their minds. They WANTED one and Porsche intentionally didn’t make anywhere near enough to satiate demand. So essentially they created one of the most desirable modern Porsche’s and one that will go down for the record books.

So before the Naysayers will chime in that the 991.2 GT3 Touring is the same car, it’s NOT and as a result these will always be the true blue chip. That is not to say the Touring is not an AMAZING car, it is! BUT the 911R is THE car… So what did Porsche change up on these cars:

  • Built on the narrow body GT3 shell but with the RS carbon fibre hood and magnesium roof. Unique to the 911R carbon front fenders and front splitter. At the back the utilized the standard 911 Carrera retractable rear spoiler but with a unique 911R grille. They also worked some serious aerodynamic magic with the underbody splitter to go sans rear large rear wing.
  • Green or Red Stripes were offered along with Porsche script down the sides in Black, Red or Green. Two standard colors were offered: White as in this example or GT Silver Metallic. One could also spec: Black, Racing Yellow or Lava Orange for $6,950 extra. It is hotly debated but ~50 cars were in some Paint to Sample hue.
  • The wheels were standard GT3 issue but the R got a matte Platinum Silver. Worth noting is that most people opted for the Platinum Satin (same finish as a regular GT3) or high gloss black, I LOVE the fact that this car has the unique R finish, why give away something that was unique to this model?
  • The 500hp engine is shared with the RS with a different intake (due to the lack of intake ducts in the fenders).
  • Of course the gearbox is worth mentioning, based on a regular Carrera 7-speed sans 7th gear, different gearing, shorter throws and coming in at 44lbs LESS than the PDK.
  • They offered two clutch/flywheel choices: the standard was a dual mass flywheel which was 5% lighter than the Carrera setup but one could also option for $3,650 the single mass flywheel. Weighing in at 11lbs lighter, it makes the 911R rev up more akin to a Cup car with the tradeoff being some gear rattle (enthusiasts love this noise, my wife not as much…). Please note this car was delivered with the dual mass flywheel but was swapped to the single mass setup (comes with the original clutch/flywheel).
  • On the interior all 911R’s get Carbon fiber trim and came with the RS buckets with houndstooth centers (18-way seats could be optioned), special green gauges and a unique sport steering wheel.

Now here are the details on this specific car:

  • White exterior, standard black leather/houndstooth interior, red R Stripes
  • Extended Range Fuel Tank- N/C
  • Front Axle Lift System- $3,490
  • Air conditioning-N/C
  • BOSE Sound System- N/C
  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Nav Traffic, HD Radio-$1,120
  • Auto Dimming Mirrors w/ rain sensor- $690

Original MSRP- $192,550

The car is 100% stock, no stories, paintwork or excuses. There are just 3 deviations from the original as delivered spec:

  • Clutch was swapped when new to the single mass clutch/flywheel (dual mass included as well)
  • Porsche side stripes in black were added
  • Clear side markers

The car received the full 40k major service at Porsche Oklahoma City in July of 2021 and is as new in every respect. Current mileage is just 918 miles….