2018 Porsche 718 Boxster-GT Silver on Espresso/Cognac Full Leather, 6-speed manual, 20″ Carrera S wheels, Alacantara GT Steering wheel, sport seats, brilliant car, 49k miles- $52,995


I am often asked “What is your favorite Porsche?”… I don’t often have a perfect answer at hand, so my quick default is “the one I am driving at the moment”. Upon reflection I do find it hard to pick a “favorite” as I do truly enjoy so many different Porsche’s. However, I have learned that there are certain attributes which stand out:

  • Interesting Build Spec-I simply find it hard to get very enthused about lightly optioned, dealer spec’d or even loaded cars with no visual or sensual “pop”. I need something to captivate my senses, this isn’t a Prius!
  • Manual Transmission- The PDK is a MARVELOUS transmission, it truly is! But I just like the man/machine connection that is provided by finding just that perfect rhythm of shifting.
  • Less over the top power/performance- I want to be able to “work” the car! I don’t want to point and shoot, I want to push the edges, make the car come alive! Alas I often find the lower powered models in the Porsche lineup to be more intriguing.

So why do I tell you all this? Because from the moment I saw this 718 Boxster I was in LOVE! I am not sure who spec’d this car from new, but they are my HERO! They ordered such a gorgeous combo; I find it an absolute delight for the senses. First off, I normally detest silver BUT GT Silver is a deep, warm, brown silver that if it was coupled with a basic black interior would simply die off… BUT pair it with the Espresso/Cognac two tone full leather, with the Espresso deviated stitching and extended leather?? Oh, dear God, gorgeous! Now throw in the real sport seats, the Alcantara GT Sport Steering wheel and shift knob and you have absolute tactile delight! A few other important winners: the brown top and the 20” Carrera wheels!

So fun story, I bought this car in New Jersey with the express intent of having an amazing cross country adventure with my wife and we had a BLAST! We drove just over 4,200 miles and covered 15 states predominantly avoiding the Interstate. This car is such a brilliant back road machine. Perfectly balanced, the six-speed gearbox is telepathic and the 2.0 liter turbocharged motor is effortlessly torquey. My wife and I used to have a 981 Boxster as our weekend touring car and while I really enjoyed it, I found that 2.7 liter motor desperately needing more low end torque! If you got caught in the wrong gear, you were dead in the water, although I will say it sounded brilliant north of 5,000rpm. The motor in the 718 has a solid shove of torque anywhere from 1800rpm on up and it makes sound work of any technical two lane, yet I supremely usable everywhere. I could go on for days, I REALLY like this car!

Some important tidbits: 100% original paint, no accidents or damage, serviced exclusively at the Porsche dealer and comes complete with books, manuals and two keys. It is 100% ready to go and I am VERY confident someone could jump in it today and drive it across country… Wait I just did that!


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