2020 Audi R8 V10 Performance Spyder-Vegas Yellow on Black Diamond Full Leather, B&O Sound, Carbon Package, Sport Seats, $226k MSRP, 6,200 miles!

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One of the things that always draws me to Porsche is that they are eminently usable. Many of the more “exotic” makes produce some cars with incredible emotional appeal, yet seem to have very limited use cases. Since the first generation R8 was first introduced, I was always drawn to the aesthetic but have had limited interactions with them. Other than the occasional jaunt around the block, I hadn’t experienced them in large doses. I feel blessed to say I recently picked up this R8 at a great clients home in Eastern Washington and was able to spend almost 300 miles forming an opinion…

I LOVE this car, but not just for the obvious answers of: sensous design, insanely exotic sounding 602hp V10, beautifully crafted interior… What I actually loved about it was how well it accomplished both the “exotic” car tasks and real world drivability and usability. I felt like this IS a car that I could make my daily driver, with very little drawbacks inherent in the category yet EVERY interaction with this car feels special: the bark on initial start up, the yellow deviated stitching that delights your eyes as they sweep across the dash, the heft of the steering, the initial bite on turn in but yet a playful sense that this isn’t just an anti-septic supercar…. Ok, I guess I feel like a philanderer for saying this, but I find this car more engaging than much of the modern 992 era…

Here are the details on this car:

2020 R8 V10 Performance Spyder Quattro $208,100

  • Vegas Yellow/Black Roof
  • Carbon fiber front spoiler, rocker inlay and rear diffusor- $7,200
  • Sport Seat Package with Diamond Stitching- Full leather and 18-way sport seats- $3,700
  • Bang and Olufsen Sound System- $1,900
  • Dynamic Steering-$1,400
  • Black Audi Rings and Badges- $500
  • Wheels in Anthracite-$300

Original MSRP-$226,050

In addition to the above:

  • Full Frontal Paint Protection film- Hood, front bumper, mirrors, etc
  • Ceramic Coated
  • Custom fitted R8 Car Cover
  • OEM Audi Winter Tire and Wheel set (the silver set you see in a few of the photos). You can use the car year round!

The car essentially presents as new, really nothing to disclose here. I just had a complete detail and paint correction performed and it just received its annual service at Audi. The car comes complete with all books, keys, copy of the window sticker, fitted car cover and both sets of wheels/tires.

What a car!