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Nathan Merz is the owner and founder of Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Nathan is a die-hard car guy who’s figured out how to wrap his passion for cars into his business.



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Live on BaT RIGHT NOW, this final year 997.2 Turbo S is running NO RESERVE! Check it out, provide some fun (or even snarky if you are feeling like channeling your inner BaT Karen style 🤣) comments. Auction week is always fun around here!


Here is my latest "Read" on Bring A Trailer's April 2024 Sales Results.. Here is what they posted: • 3,497 Listings (+ 21% increase in listing volume vs. Jan 2024!) • 1,530 No Reserve Listings • 80% Sale Rate But as you know, one has to DIG Deeper into the data as the sale rate is skewed by the No Reserve Sales, so here is the real data: • 1,967 Listings w/ Reserves • 1,267 “SOLD” (remember sold doesn’t actually always mean transacted…) • 64.4% Sale Rate for Reserve Cars How does this compare: • January 2024- 2,891 listings Reserve Sell thru rate 64.4% • June 2023: 3,100 listings Reserve Sell thru rate: 63.7% • September 2023- 3,480 listings Reserve Sell thru rate 67% Key Takeaways: •Price and presentation MATTER, when one analyzes the “BID TO” Reserve Not Met auctions two trends are VERY clear… #1 the seller’s expectation for price exceeded the current market value or #2 their presentation was lacking in some fashion (poor seller engagement, lacking key pieces of information, poor photo quality or many times, all of the above!). The most successful sellers are those who know the art of the presentation and have real world pricing expectations. • The “noise” out there is that more and more cars are NOT making reserve… the data says otherwise, in fact it has held at a steady mid 60% range for the past year, • The volume of cars had dropped in January but it is back at record numbers, showing that the platform is currently the go to place to list your collector/special interest car. That doesn’t mean it is the right fit for you or every car…. • IF you are thinking of selling your Porsche on Bring a Trailer, please reach out and I will give you an honest assessment of whether or not it is a good fit… believe it or not, while I am very successful on BaT, I sell the VAST majority of my cars OFF of BaT…..


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