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Andres Missair
February 27, 2024

Nathan Merz is the consummate porschephile and a reference for the entire Porsche enthousiast community. He is well-known for his wealth of knowledge and marque expertise and is the host for many of the Porsche Club of America video buying guides used by thousands of investors. Any vehicle purchased from his dealership is thoroughly inspected and presented with complete transparency. Most Porsche buyers seek a COA when they look at prospective cars. I would argue that an endorsement from Nathan is significantly more valuable. Thanks for the beautiful 1976 912E Outlaw! Cheers and check out his PCA videos on YouTube; you might learn a thing or two!

melvin jones Jr.
February 2, 2024

Awesome group with a wealth of knowledge about all things Porsche!! Nathan takes his time and shares his expertise willingly and out of love of this industry!!! I will always recommend Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars to buy or sell your modern or classic Porsche.. A+....

Trevor Tucker
August 12, 2023

Haven't been to Redmond yet but just discovered Nathan on YouTube. Knowledge, grace, style and passion are the words that come to mind when I watch Nathan present himself and the cars he obviously loves. Can't wait to meet him in person.

Jeff Barstow
November 9, 2022

Nathan, Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!! I am so appreciative of your patience, understanding, tremendous depth of knowledge, expert advice and guidance throughout the two-year process of selling "my special car". You provided thoughtful coaching and encouragement in the midst of an ever-evolving market that was responding to the continually changing economic environment, providing reassurance that "it will be fine". You were right! Your very methodical and precise approach in the preparation of the car achieved a stunningly beautiful "presentation" that was captured in the photos and the driving video was repeatedly requested for "MORE!!" by the viewers. Thanks again Nathan for sharing your honest, transparent, thoughtful input, deep insight, extensive knowledge and expertise throughout the selling adventure for my car. I am very pleased with the result and know that it would not have happened the way it did had this activity been conducted by anyone else. For ALL those considering a purchase of your dream car OR the sale of your cherished, special car, Nathan Merz is "THE" Car Guru. He IS simply the very best equipped to do this. jeff

Jahan Behbahany
May 14, 2021

Nathan was honest, insightful, transparent, and knowledgeable. He redefines the car buying experience which was so refreshing and enjoyable. I would happily recommend Nathan to all of my family and friends. And I know who I’ll be calling when I’m ready to fill another garage space. Thank you!

Gary Dixon
October 26, 2019

Owner Nathan is the best. Wonderful cars and he's an excellent dresser.

Jim Carey
October 7, 2018

I can’t recommend Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars more! He makes buying easy. His knowledge, connections and resourcefulness have led me right with six different vehicles.

Shawn Robinson
October 22, 2017

After completing several purchases and sales with Nathan I can (and do) recommend his company with confidence. If you need to find a special car he will locate it for you. His knowledge of the Porsche brand is outstanding.