Laguna Hills, CA

I recently purchased my 1997 Porsche,Turbo from Nathan at Columbia Valley. I have been casually looking for a couple of years for the right car, not just a car. I decided over a year ago that when I got serious, it would be to buy from Nathan. And that is what happened. My experience with him has been professional, honest, straight forward, helpful, etc. He wouldn't even sell me the car until he had it gone through it. Car is Arena Red, Cashmere, 19K original miles, outstanding condition. A true professional experience. And,,,, FUN too.

Jurgen Wunderlich

President BMW Z8 Club e.V.

I was going to have a real adventure by importing this red on red BMW Z8 back to Germany. Since I was looking exactly for a Z8 in that colour combination, my search came to an end very quickly because the car I was looking for was sitting in Nathan's showroom and definitely waiting for me . I purchased the car “on the phone” without inspecting it in person and only had “a word” from Nathan on the condition of the car. Dealing with Nathan on this was really unexpected because everything was absolutely easy, even with the long distance from Washington to Bavaria in Germany. The car I “released” from the container after an 8 week journey through the Panama-Canal to my home here in Germany, was like I was hoping it would be… One push on the "Ignition" button and the beast began to roar... There were no surprises and everything was like Nathan had perfectly described it. This was an outstanding purchase experience and I can highly recommend Nathan without a shadow of a doubt. I have a feeling, that this Z8 was not the last car I have purchased from Nathan…

Don Poffenroth

Spokane, Wa

I’ve been fortunate to always be a “car guy.” As I grew up my dad paraded everything from Model T Fords to Pierce Arrows, to Packards through his garage.

Recently I sold a very old car that I restored from the ground up. I hated to sell the car, but things change and I needed to find something to fill my “fun car” void. I settled on a Porsche 911 and quickly found Nathan. I looked at the quality he demands and was convinced that he was the guy to help me find the right car.

Business travels put me in Nathan’s backyard 3 times within a month and on my last trip he suggested I look at one of his cars from his collection (one of the ones he really never wanted to sell.) He showed me a 1976 911 ROW, and the more I though about it over then next day or two, the more I liked the idea of the car, it’s color, and how amazingly tight and clean the car was. There wasn’t really any negotiation as Nathan set a fair price and was more than reasonable on helping me through the buying process. My wife and I came down and really looked the car over, went for a short ride in near hurricane Richland wind speeds, and then handed Nathan a check. He delivered the car a week later at a local PCA meeting, shedding only minimal tears. A fine introduction as a new member, with a new car.

I suspect this will not be the last time Nathan and I will do Porsche business together. I look forward to the opportunity to try to keep up with him on the road (no trivial task I’m told!) and I endorse Nathan 100%. If you want a REALLY nice car, at a reasonable price, from a guy who may border on some type of perfection and detail sickness, then hook up with Nathan. You won’t be disappointed.

Peter Remedios

Seattle, WA

It could not have been an easier purchase experience. Nathan is top notch as far as answering any questions about the condition of the car I purchased. He was honest and more than willing to help me in arranging a prepurchase inspection (PPI) at my preferred shop. I wish him success as he seems to care about his customers. I am happy to speak highly on his behalf and of Columbia Valley Luxury Cars as a positive buying experience.


Annvillle, PA

"My experience dealing with Nathan was outstanding.It took one conversation regarding what I was looking for and within a week he had located the exact car.His knowledge is surpassed only by his desire to satisfy the customer’s needs. I was dealing from across the country so he became my eyes as well as my voice in dealing with the car owner. He negotiated a great price, established the shipping and followed up after delivery. He exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I wish all business could be done this well. Thanks Nate!"


Olympia, WA

"With this, my 35th car purchase, I have finally had a relationship with a dealer who is completely aware of his cars, prepares them to an exceptional degree, answers every question and anticipates answers to questions I need to know.  Nathan is personable, honest, straightforward and witty.  My '85 Carrera Cabriolet is everything he said it would be.  Driving that car home through White Pass is already one of my very best automobile moments of all time. 

I doubt the sense of confidence and professionalism that Nathan brings to his work is matched in more than a handful of places in the world.  Yes, I will be happy to do business with him again.  Yes, I would recommend friends and family alike to him.  Does not get better than this.  Thank you, Nathan."


Fort Collins, CO

"I highly recommend working with Nathan to find/buy your next car. I was looking for a specific car that I couldn't find nearby so I had to think twice about making the investment to travel from CO to WA just to see the car. Nathan was very responsive in answering all my questions and fully disclosed everything I asked about so I decided to make the trip. I wasn't disappointed, the car checked out as advertised and I got my dream car. Besides being a strait up businessman Nathan is a car guy and it was fun to work with him."


Spokane, WA

Wow!  Quite simply an amazingly refreshing purchasing experience.  This is one of those instances where glowing praise doesn’t do the experience justice.  From introduction to delivery in barely over 4 weeks – and most of that time was waiting on me.  And the Turbo S is simply awesome.  From knowledge, to professionalism, to ethics – you’ve got it covered.  Needless to say, please count on me coming back for more…

Chad Mortenson

Layton, UT

Nathan,  we got back in Utah yesterday afternoon, the drive was thoroughly enjoyable.  Never having purchased a car via the internet I was somewhat concerned.  The Boxster was beyond my expectations.  I looked more than three years to find the best 2004 Anniversary Edition, I believe I found it.  The car performed flawlessly.  Thanks again,

Rand and Gaynell Wortman

President/CEO Kadlec Health System

Gaynell and I have purchased two vehicles from Columbia Valley Luxury cars in the past fourteen months. Nathan was very well informed about each of the vehicles and he was extremely professional to work with. After each purchase he has always been available to assist with our questions.

His knowledge of German cars is amazing, and he and his staff provide a high level of support after the purchase. His passion for all thing automotive is obvious. We will purchase future cars from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."


Spokane, Wa

I’ll admit it,  I intended to make my Porsche purchase from a private party.  I’d scoured all of the usual on-line sites and had made efforts to purchase a few different cars.  Nathan and I had spoken about one of his cars that hadn’t quite been listed, and after another deal fell through, I elected to contact Nathan and get more serious about the ’85 Carrera that he was prepping for sale.  He offered it for a price that was so fair that I couldn't even muster the effort to negotiate.  After viewing the car and test-driving it, I handed him a cashier’s check and drove it away.  (I wonder how many Porsche transactions have happened in Ritzville.)

 But it was after the sale that Nathan really distinguished himself.  I’ll spare you the details, but shortly after taking delivery, the car suffered some mechanical issues.  Serious issues, but not fatal issues.  Nathan took it upon himself to come check out the car before I was able to get it to Richard Buechler at Alpine Motorcars.  He confirmed my inclination that the transmission woes seemed serious.  Richard got everything fully repaired, and Nathan elected to pick up the bill.  I did not expect this, nor require it, but I certainly appreciate that he did it.  This was an unusual situation, and I appreciate that Nathan worked so hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Leander, TX

"The car was exactly as described and I appreciate the honesty in which the car was represented. In dealing with these older Porsches, everyone likes to represent the car as 'perfect' or 'excellent condition' or 'needs nothing' but often with cars of 15 plus years old, that is not always a true representation of what the car is really like. Excellent condition or perfect can mean many things to different people. You gave full disclosure of the exact condition of the car and it arrived with no surprises as to the 'real' condition of the car. I am still amazed at the condition of the paint on this old car, the interior etc. When we first talked and you made the statement that you know these cars and know what you are looking at when you buy one, you were just stating fact. I also liked the way that we negotiated the price to allow for the service that you so honestly disclosed that the car needed. I now have a true keeper of a classic Porsche that I plan to keep for many years and keep in as good condition as you have done with the car.

To anyone looking at a car that Nathan is selling, I can say he will represent the car exactly as it is, no embellishment of the true condition, no sales speak, no aggressive sales tactics. Just honesty, no more, no less. It was a pleasure to do business with Nathan and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Ron and Jeanne

Pasco, WA

"Nate and Suzy, I again wanted to say thank-you for making me, the customer feel "special". It was truly a hassle free event having you sell our car on consignment. Jeanne and I have dealt with numerous automotive sales people over the years and have not had anything good to say until now. You and I both knew and could appreciate the car we had for sale, agreed upon a price and you took care of the rest. Our car was sold within a week and we all were pleased. Integrity in automobile sales people is difficult to find, but not with you and your organization. You and your business are recommended often by Jeanne and I when conversation turns to buying or selling fine automobiles."


Williamsburg, Va

I am delighted to offer a testimonial of how delighted and pleased I am with the car purchase I recently made from you. Briefly, I bought over the phone a 20 year old BMW that when picked up was exactly as represented without exception. In fact it was better than I expected. You met my plane, closed the deal quickly with all arrangements made and I was on the road for a completely trouble free 3000 mile drive back to Virginia within the hour. The trip was completely uneventful with the car performing exactly as you told me it would. Further, you were kind enough to keep the vehicle for me for 6 months, 4 months later than I told you it would take for me to fly from Virginia to Washington State to get it. I found you to be extremely knowledgeable, financially stable, prompt and responsive in every respect, a dealer only in quality products and perfectly delightful to do business with. I have no reservations at all in telling anyone to deal with you as your word is better than the best contract of any dealer anywhere. Thank you again for making this experience so gratifying and enjoyable. I look forward to the next car I buy from you!


Walla Walla, Wa

The poet John Keats penned 'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.' I don't want to be melodramatic but this could describe your experience if you see the cars offered by Nathan Merz. They are exceptional in quality and value. And he is a pleasure to deal with. I could elaborate further, but I would simply recommend that you check for yourself.

Greg & Kari

Just want to share what awesome people you are and how you do your business, friendly and warm and the service is the tops, you go out of your way to please your customers and make sure they are happy and we sure are. The vehicle we bought was picked very carefully by Columbia Valley Luxury Cars and arrived so perfect to our liking. Thank you