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We ARE car people through and through; we LOVE what we do here!

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Sadly, many in our line of work are just here for the paycheck. We are HERE because we truly LOVE helping our customers have an amazing experience with their cars. This isn’t always easy, but we pride ourselves in educating our clients on the various models, known issues, and how a given vehicle may or may not be the best fit. Simply selling a car is not what we are after; we are after selling you the RIGHT car! This starts with our discriminating selection of what even meets our "CVLC Standard", then moves to our in-depth reconditioning process, and ends when the car finds a home with the right owner.

Meet Nathan Merz, Our Founder

Nathan Merz, a dedicated Porsche enthusiast, is the proud owner of Columbia Valley Luxury Cars in Redmond, Washington. With an insatiable passion for Porsches, he immerses himself in understanding every model intricately. Annually, Nathan facilitates the buying and selling of over 100 special Porsches, boasting a diverse collection spanning various models and generations. He prioritizes all-original, true #1-condition examples, showcasing his expertise in valuation and authentication.

Jumar Newman, Sales and Operations

Jumar eats, breathes, and sleeps cars. He is a natural fit at CVLC, sharing a discriminating eye and a penchant for perfectionism. He strives to make sure each of our cars is head and shoulders better than the rest. He doesn’t rest until they meet "the standard".

Book nathan for Speaking Engagements

Nathan is now accepting inquiries for speaking opportunities. Contact us to see if he can schedule your car event or keynote today.

Voice for Porsche Education

Nathan's extensive knowledge and insights extend beyond his dealership; you can find his engaging content on YouTube, as well as across various social media platforms. Notably, on YouTube Nathan has created comprehensive Porsche model guides developed in collaboration with the Porsche Club of America, a showcase of his understanding and dedication to education within the Porsche community.

Additionally, his expertise is recognized in prominent publications such as Porsche Panorama, Avants, and Spiel magazines. He is a sought-after guest on industry panels, auction discussions, and PCA Tech Tactics events, further solidifying his reputation as a trusted authority in the Porsche community. 

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So What is happening with Bring a Trailer for the month of January?? Here is what they posted :• 2,891 Listings (a large volume drop vs. middle 2023) • 1,206 No Reserve Listings • 78% Sale Rate But as you know, one has to DIG Deeper into the data as the sale rate is skewed by the No Reserve Sales, so here is the real data :• 1,605 Listings w/ Reserves • 1,048 “SOLD” (remember sold doesn’t actually always mean transacted…) • 65% Sale Rate for Reserve CarsHow does this compare: • June 2023: 3,100 listings • September 2023- 3,480 listings • June 2023 Reserve Sell thru rate: 63.7% • September 2023 Reserve Sell thru rate 67% Key Takeaways: • The “noise” out there is that more and more cars are NOT making reserve… the data says otherwise • The volume of cars has dropped, however that is likely reflective that January is generally a slower month in the collector car space vs. mid-summer/early fall. • IF you are thinking of selling your Porsche on Bring a Trailer, please reach out and I will give you an honest assessment of whether or not it is a good fit… believe it or not, while I am very successful on BaT, I sell the VAST majority of my cars OFF of BaT…..


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